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lo, there is school. and stuff

So, got the test results back for C++.

So I kept my A; the written test was an 88, the lab practical 100. We went over the answers and one of the questions was odd enough that he may give us that one anyway, is currently looking it over.

It was as follows:

You should never compare two float point numbers. T/F

I said false, because if they are the same data type, you should be able to, and I assumed when he said float, he meant the actual data-type float point. However, float can also refer to double, and that's where everyone blinked and went huh? Becuase if he'd written: You should never compare a double and a float point, then of course true.

So hopeful.

The lab one was nice; no comments, just a happy number, which is a good sign, in that I didn't make any careless mistakes, it compiled properly, and it was clean.

I am not smug; I mean, my lecture was not great and that makes me sad. A couple of things were carelessness, one was just incredibly annoying in that I *changed it*, and the others were hmm.

Chemistry makes me want to die. That is all I will say about that one. C++ totally makes up for it.
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