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The Toybox

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amazon, you hurt me
children of dune - leto 1
Dear Amazon,

I understand that the weird errors I'm getting at your webpage while trying to find out when my SGA 3 eps will ship are a consequence of the modern era. And I understand that SGA Season 3 with Joe Flanigan Who God Please Turn Out to Be a Cylon Please Then I Can Have One is perhaps not an item that you would think I need more than air.

So be it. However.

Think of my niece.

She's six. I ordered her books. Yes! Books. For her birthday. She is very fragile and speaks only in tongues. Would you deprive a fragile little speak in tongues girl of Velveteen Rabbit? Would you? Do you realize that you could be setting back her moral development and an entire host of nightmares about stuffed animals coming back to life as we speak? And Greek mythology? Peter Rabbit? This cute looking comic called Bone? And some other--book thing of books? (Oh! Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny and not sure of third.)

If she turns her back on us all and becomes a banker or a stockbroker or a *shudders* conservative talk show host? A conservative talk show host???? Because she didn't get the moral implications of the Velveteen Rabbit?

On your own head.


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Not that I don't agree that this horrible of Amazon *does voodoo to speed things up* but I'd like to point out that I never read the Velveteen Rabbit and still didn't become a conservative talk show host, so missing out on that account doesn't necessarily lead to disaster. Then again my older sister read to me trashy vampire hunter horror pulps when I was four, and whenever I asked my older brother for good reading material as a kid he tried to foist things like Nietzsche onto me (which failed spectacularly, I never got past the first page of "Also sprach Zarathustra" when I was eight no matter how much I wanted to impress my brother), so there were plenty of counter influences when I was young and impressionable to prevent such a terrible fate.

SHHHH. Amazon might hear you!


Would now be a bad time to mention I *did* grow up on the Velveteen Rabbit and such, am rather hooked on SGA, and work in the banking industry?

If it helps, I get at least one hate mail/call a day and feel really really bad about it (kind of)... But, you know, as a lesbian pagan who's partner works at a co-op, I totally did not become a conservative talk show host.

SGA Season 3 with Joe Flanigan Who God Please Turn Out to Be a Cylon Please

This is just... just...

Are there any BSG/SGA or BSG/SGA rps crossovers? It might be the insomnia speaking but suddenly cylon Joe or Sheppard is the best thing since caffeine.

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