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rec - there's no such thing as daniel jackson by eleveninches

There's No Such Thing As Daniel Jackson by eleveninches

SGA/SG1, AU, Sheppard/McKay. Easily followable for anyone who doesn't know SG1. I've seen like, maybe less than a full season and everything I know about Cameron Mitchell I learned from reading Sheppard/Mitchell slash so--yeah. You'll have fun with this one.

I am going to cut tag my squee.

Points of glee:


Honestly, despite my omgonetruelove Sheppard/McKay?

My favorite part was Cameron's insane crush on SG-1 with bitter, bitter envy. He reminds me of one of my exes, if my ex had been more insane and qualified on a creepy number of weapons.

(Note: this is a story where I can buy Cameron calling out "SG1" during sex. If he doesn't, I am very surprised.)

With a polite nod to Mitchell and Ford, Teal'c stiffly excused himself.

"He's probably going to go cry in the shower," Jonas said lightly. He jumped to his feet and reached over with his free hand to pull Teal'c's chair against himself.

Mitchell turned on John. "You're friends with Teal'c?" he demanded, looking at John suspiciously.

"I guess," John said, glancing at Jonas.

Gritting his teeth, Mitchell said, "No one on SG-1 can remember my name."

"I remember your name," Jonas said. He seemed fascinated by Mitchell's behaviour. "Captain Marshall, right?"

Okay, one more.

This time when they reached John's door again, Mitchell decided they were done for the day. Good-naturedly, he called as he headed towards the elevators, "You have fun with McKay. I'm gonna go sit in the mess and gaze longingly over at SG-1's table. See you later, alligator."

I--seriously. Who would not pay for an entire story where Cameron wanders around being jealous over SG-1?????


The other bit is just John in this. he's slightly different from most of the other Johns that eleveninches usually writes, and it surprised me. And while the story is so amazingly funny and cracked, it's also amazingly well-paced, easy to follow, and basically, everything you expect from this writer as a given.

This John is new, though, and I love it, but having read every fic she has ever written, I do wonder about the change. It's good.

And whee apocalypse!
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