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friday is very friday-like

This is a day that will live on in eternal darkness. Someone, who shall remain nameless only because I have no idea who the hell they are, rang the doorbell last night after midnight, and hence, did not get to sleep until three.

And I have no idea how I did on my test yet. Currently playing background music to my eternal pain. Yes, it's Inama Nushif. So do not judge. My test yesterday *sucked*. And my program wouldn't compile.

Acutally, that was funny. Two things.

Wednesday I was trying to make the transform() function work. It's just a fast way to turn a string to all caps or all lowercase. Simple, right? Except not so much. I pulled one of the programs I knew worked and started using the code in there. No. I checked to make sure I had it right. I went ot stare at the function attached, toupper, adn then it was just--gah. Short version, six C++ messageboards and a thousand incomprehensible explanatoins later, a double set of colons did the trick. I still don't know why.

I know it has something to do with earlier versions of C++ and the dark circle of hell, but honestly? I just know it works. Okay, but the fun part.

I emailed my professor to ask if I could use transform to automatically change just the first letter of a string to uppercase--when I read the function, I couldn't see why it wouldn't let me eliminate some of the arguments and just use string.begin to change the first letter. He emailed this back:

The short annswer to your question is no, at least I'm not aware that it
can. There are other ways however to do what you want - to insure that a
string begins with an upper case letter. We will be dealing with that when
we get to the Chapter about arrays and the Chapter about working with
strings later in the semester, so you are a little ahead of yourself for
now. If you can exercise a little patience now you will be rewarded later.


I really like him.

I'll like him a lot more if he passes me on this test.

So the lab test.

I was panicking--I did the program *right*. I didn't even need my allowed one page of notes! Then I had to get up and tell my professor that I needed them after all--and I was right! I didn't need them. I kept getting a linker error. I panciked, called him over, he checked it, then copy/pasted the entire thing into a new program and still. Didn't work. So it's me and three other people still left in the lab and I'd finished the dman thing forty-five minutes before.

So one of the other guys says that he has a linker error--YAY I said, and he did too, because while one of us may forget to do something, both of us wouldn't. So my prof went to check his, I saved mine as completed, and got out my jump drive and tried to compile a program I'd already done. No go. And we all stand around our computers and the professor is staring at us because, seriously. The other guy tilts his head, blinking at me (in case you are curius, it was a fuzzy-curly head day, so I looked--er. Odd.) and points out that there's no way we both made that kind of mistake. Which is true.

Still bitter. Though I don't think it'll count against us. I installed the Dev compiler on my jump drive (for emergencies. I have no idea what emergencies, but I'm sure one day I will need it suddenly), so next time I see this, I may ask for the professor to supervise me while I compile directly off of it. It takes longer to do, but if it saves me having a nervous breakdown, hey, all is good.

It's not like even with one bad test I'm in danger of failing--or hell, considering how the structure of the grading works, unless I zeroed the test, lose my A--but--I don't know. This is one of the few times I feel like I really want to go faster. I'm considering next semester trying to double the second part of C++ with the assembly language class.

In closing: working on Story of a Girl outtake. I'm debating whether to post it or not. I mean--nevermind. I'm debating whether its current form is "whee, story!" or "huh, so jenn has fallen into the dark pit of Issue Fic; this would be an excellent time to start compiling the five thousand entries in which she's ranted about Issue Fic and mock her now". I honestly cannot tell. I can't even tell if that's what I'm doing or if I'm just overreacting. I need a brownie.
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