Seperis (seperis) wrote,

mmm music

So. I have embraced my geek side while singing in Fremen and connecting with words that I have no idea of the meaning of. It occurred to me to wonder if the song is about the joys of killing House Harkonnen or something (which I so do not oppose).

(Looked up lyrics and translation. Not killing Harkonnens. I am made sad. Still, though, it's so pretty, really. It should be.)

Yes, I have been on youtube again. It's like an addiction. I'm also faintly tempted to hunt up my books and do a blitz through the original six.

(It hurts me to say original six. I could deal with the prequels--but oh my God, sequels. And I--I have to read them. I mean, they're Dune. But I will cry. A lot.)

For reference: Inama Nashif. It was during the montage in Children of Dune. Pretty.
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