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The Toybox

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mmm music
children of dune - leto 1
So. I have embraced my geek side while singing in Fremen and connecting with words that I have no idea of the meaning of. It occurred to me to wonder if the song is about the joys of killing House Harkonnen or something (which I so do not oppose).

(Looked up lyrics and translation. Not killing Harkonnens. I am made sad. Still, though, it's so pretty, really. It should be.)

Yes, I have been on youtube again. It's like an addiction. I'm also faintly tempted to hunt up my books and do a blitz through the original six.

(It hurts me to say original six. I could deal with the prequels--but oh my God, sequels. And I--I have to read them. I mean, they're Dune. But I will cry. A lot.)

For reference: Inama Nashif. It was during the montage in Children of Dune. Pretty.

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I keep the soundtrack at work to drown out the insanity.

You don't want to read all six books again. You will be traumatized by giant worm emperors. Or bloody, empty eye-sockets as a complication during sex between Paul and Chani.

I haven't been able to bring myself to read Brian Herbert's version (that's his name, right?), because I picked one up at the bookstore and he had a flashback to before Paul came to the Fremen, and it had Stilgar (I believe - a Fremen, anyway) having tea, in open containers, outside. Which - the waste of water! So I just thought, Nah, and skipped it.

But oh, I love those original six so much. *clutches books*

Brian Tyler is the reason I ever picked up a novel about gigantic worms. (And the reason why I feel part sympathetic, part selfishly-cynical towards Robert Jordan fans. Try reading a fantastic series only to get to the unfinished end and find out the author died the day before you were born.)

There are two translations of Inama Nushif around, which one did you find/like?

I listen to that song at least once a day. Sometimes, I put the whole score on repeat at work.

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