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The Toybox

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I win at sticky-note obsession (today)
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, took picture at work with phone. It is not good. But! It is labeled.

Adventures in Clear Sticky Notes!
Adventures in Clear Sticky Notes!
Seriously. What the title says.

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There is only one thing to say really...


I feel a great sense of accomplishment.


They are fabulous...and if someone doesn't make it, why not make it yourself...

Hee...this is great! I'm a great believer in building it yourself if somebody doesn't make it already *G*.

PS: Also, this totally makes me think that this is something McKay would do/get obsessed with and he'd email John all the progress photographs, with snarky side notes (like your "scary place" under the desk).

They hurt me inside with their email.


Oh my GOD....


Rodney would. Progress emails so often the pictures could be put together and turned into flip book animation.

And John would totally do that, print them out and make the flip book and then fly to wherever Rodney was and insist on demonstrating the effect by sticking it right under Rodney's nose.

Awesome. Vellum is almost as good as cheese, right?

It is very, ,very close. And so much less smelly. *G*

Bonkers, you say?

Bonkers like a sticky-note-conquering fox!

Oh my god! You say '... like a fox' too?! At last! *runs to tell friends*

Cool as vellum is--and believe me, I love that stuff *is a stamper and a crafter and adores papers*--I was wondering if you have considered experimenting with transparency paper? You know, the sort that you use on projectors. I am not sure how well it would interact with the kind of adhesive you are using since it is glossy and smooth, but if it didn't play nice, I am betting you *could* glue it to a paper backing with a proper glue--so you'd have a thin strip of paper backing on the top of a note, where you could then apply the reusable adhesive. And then you'd have truly transparent sticky-notes.

*is helpful!*

The only real problem with using the transparency is that you can't use pencil or pen on it and it's very, very shiny. Though I did run across a matte-finish type transparency once that I am vaguely consdiering tracking down.

This is true, but markers are so much more fun to play with, anyway! And think how bold your sticky-notes will be compared to everyone else's! *grin*

When you mentioned that there was a company in Canada who made them, I was very excited. Your later post that they were discontinued was saddening. It's awesome you're trying to make them and am tempted to try it myself if you ever find a good combination.

I am having a *ridiculous* amount of fun with it, to be honest. I even used them today! *happy*

I'm happy for you that you've had some success at making your transparent sticky notes! *youwin*

all hail! The sticky note god.

You crack me up, but also, have I missed WHY you are obsessing with the transparent sticky-notes?

I mean, I totally see a need for them, but is there something in particular that made you wish for a way to grafitti on things without actually grafitting on things?

Yeah me too -
Is it for college and taking notes? Cos you know Snopake does transparent highlight tab thingies you can write on - though they are *tiny*

On the program skeletons in the book, I make corrections that are specific to DEV C++ that can very slightly from the way shown in the book. I also *really like* writing in the margins, but it gets messy adn crowded fast. And I do corrections/clarifications in text sometimes or changes, so--yeah. *g* It's cleaner than highlighting, which drives me nuts.

And you know, it's fun. *g*

Gotcha - I always had loads of scrap bits of paper covered scrawl in my text books (waaaaay before the advent of post-its) I couldn't ever have written in the margins!

I so should have been a librarian.

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