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The Toybox

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sticky-notes continue
children of dune - leto 1
Preliminary Results:

We have learned that Contender #2: Canson Tracing, 25 lb is not going to cut it. Very nice transparency, not too flimsy, but is not OTP with adhesive in that way that it becomes damp and annoys me and also crumples.

Mystery Paper #1 and Canson Vellum 50 lb continue to dominate. They're very very close in both weight and texture, so I'm not sure there's really htat much of a choice between them.

Glue used: 3M Scotch Glue Stick Restickable Adhesive. Kinda made of win. Still kind of unsure of vertical surface use. Does so far however adhere after several pull-offs and resticks on horizontal surfaces, does not tear paper, does not leave a sticky track behind on paper, and does not smear pencil or ink noticeably.)

(Unless like you rub your thumb *really really hard* on it. That also hurts.)

Details as they arrive. Though now I'm wondering, since I have access to the Super Cool Paper Cutter, if I should measure my book and see what I can do with some various sized Sticky Notes of Clarity.

ETA: yes, yes yes, this does have a tag all its own.

ETA 2: The Super Cool Paper Cutter sucks. Deeply. It *threw off my measurements*. I decided to test strips at 8 inch length by 2 1/4 inch width and not consistent during cutting. I have never hated office supplies more.

I bet I could convince supply to buy a new cutter. Hmm.


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Very highly recommended. It is very unobtrusive, except when you need it to be in your face.

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