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The Toybox

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beta needed
children of dune - leto 1
I am sick. *sighs* I mean, not oh-look-ambulance-and-breathing-treatment-great but just--the other kind. With the frequent--um. Bathroom visits.

We will never speak of this again.

Illness, however, leads to too much time awake (for obvious reasons, stated above) and um, I need a beta?

It's a missing scene from Girl!John, and basiclaly because someone wanted a snippet of the vegetable rebellion and suddenly I really really wanted to write it. So if you hate Girl!John or are really against vegetables, this might not work for you.

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(Deleted comment)
*snickerS* Don't worry, it's not much, to be honest. I just got *really curious* about the vegetables. *G*

(Deleted comment)
*grins* Give me a minute--I'm trying to rewrite the porn bit. It's--seriously, I need to write het more. This is just awkward. Gah.

(Deleted comment)
Sent! Email me whenyou get it so I know I sent it to the right address.

It is--very very rough. It's odd. I know I need to expand some sections, but I can't figure out which ones. About seven thousand words, give or take.

wait omg, is this a girl-john icon? *dead*

(Deleted comment)
She's so, so hot. *dreamy sigh*

Are you still looking for a beta? I love Girl!John and I always eat all my vegetables ;-)

I hope you feel better soon! And just sayin', if you still need a beta, I'd be happy to oblige.

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