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3M Has Spoken! Long Live Post-Its, Except for the Dead Ones
children of dune - leto 1
Reply from 3M on the Post-It Note Situation:

Dear Jenn X,

Thank you for contacting 3M Company. We appreciate your feedback.

We regret the entire line of Post-it(R) Sheer Notes was discontinued,
about 2-3 years ago. We show no similar, or replacement product available
at this time. We will forward your message to the marketing personnel. We
value your loyalty to Post-it(R) Products!

Best wishes,

3M Office Supplies Division

In other news, bought a package of scrapbooking vellum and have a date with Hobby Lobby and that paper store place to track down actual transparent paper. Will keep everyone informed on experimental procedure.

It seems my weekend may be projecty.

(seriously 3M--why why why why why do you hate me?)

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
*wide eyes* Ooh, an insider.


(Deleted comment)

Please yes. Please please please.

(Also? Now own a lot of vellum. very disturbing.)

... I may actually have some of those sheer Post-Its. I'll look through all my stationary stuff and let you know.

....you do?

I do porn for post-its.

You are such a *liar*. I made Picard/Q noises and I *meant them* for an exchange.

Got a post-it glue stick? 3M does, as far as I know, still make such a product. Then you can TURN ANYTHING YOU WANT into a post-it.

Or did someone already suggest this in your previous post?

Yep! (I had no idea they had such a thing!)

Now the problem is paper transparent enough to use and strong enough to write on. I have some vellum that's a little too opague--it's trasparent, but not enough.

So googling paper manufacturers and art stores. *g*

Seriously, check out postits note tab thingies. They're restickable and writeonable. They're a semi okay substiute.

I don't think I would never use sheer post-its! I use these Japanese-made flags (1/3 of the size of the ones 3M sells) to mark books, and regular post-its to write a bajillion to-dos, deadlines, and hours and stick them on my book hutch. 8D

Those translucent flag things are way useful for travel guidebooks though. We marked my Lonely Planet Barcelona book full of the. 8D

Can never resist a good product quest!


? Does this look about right? I don't think they're paper, I think they're plastic film


These *might* be paper, not sure.

Found via google products search.

*g* good luck on your project!

ps, the cheapest translucent paper I've bought is layout bond? cheaper than vellum anyway, and not as rippable as tracing paper.

*\o/*office supply love*\o/*

Speaking of projecty goodness...

Where the bloody hell are my pictures, Jenn??? X.X I needs them. *prods her with a stick until she finds her camera and emails the pictures to angry[dot]neko[at]gmail[dot]com ...*

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