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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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slightly more than a little bitter
children of dune - leto 1
Transparent/translucent post-it notes. You would think they would, I don't know, be around, right? Right. No. Not so much.

Except? In Canada. Where, no clue, but the 3M Canadian catalogue does in fact list them. Canada!

My life is hard.

I wonder if I could make them myself. Hmmm.

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You know, I'd never thought of that before but they would be quite handy.

svmadelyn used it in--Chicago, I think? To mark our path on maps.

I just--God. I kep thinking of how *useful* that is. Gah.

If you can get the right paper, 3M does make a post-it glue stick.

That is a *good* idea. I'm googling translucent and transparent paper now to see. That glue stick is *awesome*.

They work well, too--when I was teaching, I was always being given non-post-it note pads (from textbook companies, from kids at Christmas, at conferences, etc.) and I just grabbed my glue stick.

Or ask a Canadian to send you some. Especially one for whom you've done a tremendous favour in the past.

If you can find them on this site: https://www.grandandtoy.com/ I can take advantage of my company's discount (usually around 40% off). If not there, where did you find them?

~ Stormy

*hugS* Thank you!

I checked there and--yeah, in *theory* Canada has it? But it's prtty much nowhere but that catalogue.

Or ask a Canadian to send you some. Especially one for whom you've done a tremendous favour in the past.

*thoughtful* Post-its for porn, y'think?

Is there a customer service number or email address in the catalogue? I can call it and find out where they're sold.

Re: Porn for Post-its

I emailed 3M to ask, since the number was--very odd and started cutting out. I'm hoping they'll keep the 24 hour turnaround.

*crosses fingers*

Or me and Child? Totally have a weekend art project.

If it was an 888 or 800 #, it might only work within Canada or within N.A.

I could have called it toll free.

Their head office is in London, Ontario, about 2 hours' drive from Toronto.

Let me know what they say.

BTW, still Stormy, just a different lj.

I've been looking for them forever too. I *LIKE* being anal retentive. *G*

The closest the US has are the tab thingies.

We're not allowed to have nice things?? We promise we won't wreck them THIS TIME!!! Geez. ;D

(Deleted comment)
I was thinking on that, too, if I could find some big ones. Hmm.

Oh! do you have the link? That's so cool :)

Like someone else said, someone in Canada could probably buy them and mail them pretty cheap...

I just went through our supply room and hunted down two admins to go through their paper.

I'm going to figure out how to get this stuff if it's the last thing I do--er, today.

(Deleted comment)
You know. *thoughtful* It's not the worst idea for a weekend experiment I've ever heard of.



We = rules

Now I want to hit Staples and see if they're really there ...

And to think that I was just too cheap a couple years back to buy all three of the clearanced out clear post-its Shopko had.

I could have traded them for Kirk/Spock or something magnificent. I was so young and lacking foresight.

*shakes head*

This place, this place, and this place claim to sell them. Everyplace else I've looked the product is listed as 'discontinued'.

I have never ever ever seen those. And I would SO ABSOLUTELY buy those.

(I have a office supply problem. You may have noticed.)

If I ever find them, I would also absolutely mail you some.

I was just going to say, but they do have them!

They are fantastic, especially for making notes in books, when you haven't decided which parts to reference yet.

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