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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the coffee mystery continues
children of dune - leto 1
Coffee at work. Still tasty.

So I investigated.

Coffee is now 75 cents a cup for non-coffee-club members and 10/month for coffee club members. Oh, I said, at the 300% raise in cup price and 200% in monthly.

I cannot find the 'coffee' of note that tastes so much like actual coffee, which could mean it's just black magic (I am very supportive of black magic when it brings coffee that tastes like coffee).

(It's hard to explain the bizarrity of drinkable coffee. People. This is the stuff I was relatively sure was filtered through used panty hose.)

Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic by flambeau, SPN, Dean/Sam. Um. Guh.

And...I'm bored. Tell me things. Or you know, direct me to things. I am lazy and reading yahoo news, for God's sake. Yahoo news. This can only end in disaster or some kind of emerging social conscience and really, I like shallow.

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I seem to not be able to connect to Yahoo at all, which: a girl needs her email! and comic strips! and email!

Have you seen all of the sg_flyboys offerings? Good stuff, there.

Ooh. I need to go through those--I read ltlj', but not the rest.


You could check out my del.icio.us? Although the most recent links are rather heavy on political science content, urk.

OOH, *links*.

*opens* Reading material that is not yahoo. Already I feel better.

(It's hard to explain the bizarrity of drinkable coffee. People. This is the stuff I was relatively sure was filtered through used panty hose.)

Ewwwwww. But a very funny visual. I drink hospital coffee so I'm not a good judge.


That is so awesome I have no words.

Okay, so, uh. Want to hear about my original idea that was borne of too much UFC and waaaaaaaaay too many crime dramas and 'true story!' crime shows?

There's a UFC fighter named Nagendra Egle. He's much bendier than your usual mixed martial artist because he was an almost but-not-quite-that-good Olympic gymnast before he went into MMA. He's, uh, a little fucked in the head! Which he'd have to be. He's also very pretty. And gay. Because let us face it, MMA and, well, any sport that involves wrestling, ends up looking pretty gay. Crotches touching and all that. But he's still scary as hell, too. *squints* I didn't mention that he's half-Indian but I suspect the first name gives it away pretty much. His Dad was Indian, his mom Lithuanian (born there, raised here). Dad died young or something, he was raised by Mom.

So, um, anyway, there's a plot too; his boyfriend disappeared like two years ago! He reported it to the police! They didn't take it seriously! Especially when he got an envelope in the mail with his boyfriend's silver chain in it; the police said, oh, it's hard, but sometimes people just run away. And in current day, whoops, turns out there really was foul play and a serial killer, our bad!

Um. Yeah. I keep meaning to write this if for no other reason than to redeem MMA to my sister-in-law. She doesn't like MMA (the heathen! the heaten!) but gay porn makes everything better. :D

*g* And you aren't writing it RIGHT NOW why?

I, uh. Mostly? Because I suck! Also, plot is haaaard. :P

I finally figured out the name of the FBI dude that Nagendra gets to have lots and lots of UST with though! Joachim. :D It's progress of a sort. (He and I are still arguing over the last name. But, hey, first name! Progress!)

You could get into rugby.

I dated a rugby player for a bit in college. I think he would have been more interesting if he'd been doing this instead of drinking beer and kvetching about his bruises.

*eyes link thoughtfully*

Is this naked Rugby players?

Naked? No. Worksafe, even, unless boss has got really good vision. It's a fully clothed rugby scrum. It's an ad, actually.

The picture of John on a horse was very nice.

*eyes you* You seem overly calm. Are you holding back? Did the bare feet break something?

*worried* She does seem a bit too calm, yes. I about squeaked at work when I saw that picture, but then I have a thing for horses as well as a (totally different sort of) thing for Joe, so. *shrug*

Eeep! Thank you so much for this link! The Flan on a horse, OMG.

*tells you Sam and Dean are really hot*

Also, thanks so much for the rec!

Haha. Um. Pointing you in the direction of my del.ici.ous and in less than cheerful news that you may not know, Robert Jordan, of the Wheel of Time series, died a few days ago.

I think you might appreciate reading this: Darwin's Deadly Legacy.

Ann Coulter is in it, so you know it's going to be amusing.

I suggest you check out the Korean drama, Coffee Prince. Hee.

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