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rec - junk cheap by devildoll
children of dune - leto 1
I swear I had to have recced this, but there's always the chance that circa May, I had some kind of sad hallucinogenic break with reality--though I remember writing the rec. but I can't find it, and it took me ten minutes to remember more about the story than "there was junk. And John fixed things for older people. And something about a casserole".

This is how we get summaries from sga-storyfinders. Right there. Junk and old people and casserole.


Junk Cheap by devildoll - SGA, Sheppard/McKay, and very, very, very funny. And fun! And John fixes things! For pastry!

(mmm. pastry.)

(also, I don't think the story actually contains casserole. That's so sad.)

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Yes, there is, in fact, casserole. I wonder what it says about me that I remember that...

It's actually what it says about a lot of fandom since it seems a whole huge bunch of us remember the casserole.

Er, casseroles.

I was happy to see it in the story. *g*

Yup, totally casserole in that one. And you're so right about the [Bad username: sga_storyfinders] summaries.

What I always remember most from that fic is this line:

John was noisy.

I can happily stare at that sentence for long periods of time. *nods*


If the beer was a waste, at least dinner made up for it: tuna casserole, one of Rodney's favorites.


...one minute he was going for another spoonful of green been casserole, and the next minute Phyllis said the words "gay marriage."

It's two-casserole goodness! :D

And John wore a t-shirt that said " I know what boys like!"

Junk Cheap is one of my favorite stories. Every time I read it, I am reminded of the picture of John, that I think everyone calls his "Rent boy" pose. I know he is positioned with Elizabeth and Teyla, he's wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket, and he has his hips tilted out every so slightly. I always think of that picture, b/c she describes John leaning exactly like that while in Rodney's kitchen. The scene kills me every time I read it.

What a great rec! Delightful story plus tuna casserole. Yummy. And John's t-shirt. Very very clever

With extra peas and lots of French Fried Onions on top. It doesn't get any better mmmmm.

OK, John pranking Rodney with his sudden "reveals" in the back half of the story always has me yowling with delight, but the french onions on the tuna noodle casserole make the dish.

I was getting all excited about a fic I hadn't read (because I am Teh Suhk at remembering titles) and then I saw "there was junk. And John fixed things for older people. And something about a casserole" and I immediately *knew* which fic it was.

So, I've already read it. *sigh* Maybe it's time for a reread....

Woot! Recced! \o/

Thank you!

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