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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
...the coffee at work tastes really good today.

This is so disturbing.

*worries* Does this mean that I no longer have useful taste buds or that the world is ending?

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It means...you made the coffee? Heh.

It's all--tasty. *shocky* And not burned.

...maybe someone bought the good stuff? Or washed the coffee pot? *G*

I'm jealous. I haven't had good office coffee in YEARS.

I think this is some kind of breakdown, to be honest. Office coffee never tastes good. I often suspect it is filtered through some sort of sock-like device.


We've secretly switched your regular coffee...

Unfortunately that makes me think of that perpetually rerun commercial where the guy comes home for Christmas and surprises everyone with that fresh coffee. Then I tear up.

*chokeS* I love that commercial.

Re: (am hormonal)

I think that might be John's secret fantasy.

Then he makes coffee for Rodney.

Scary thought - maybe it's just that the coffee is good for once...

...that's like, up there with finding unicorns.

I went back for a *refill*. that never happens.

World ending. Definately.

I'm going out to buy cans ...

*nodnodnod* I am forming foil into helmuts. Just in case.

This post made me laugh! Thanks. :D

Brain tumour.

But on the bright side if instead of just being a stab at truly bad taste humour and it was true, you could guilt me into giving you obscene amounts of cash and property. I would have no choice under those circumstances but to pay up.

And hey, great tasting coffee!

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