Seperis (seperis) wrote,

vid rec - this woman's work by holly gilmore

This Woman's Work by Holly Gilmore, Firefly, Zoe, Zoe/Wash.

Hmm. I was going to do this as a conditional, but I changed my mind. There's some odd clip order choices, but to be honest, first, second, and third watch, I just didn't care. It's powerful and it made me cry. Spoilers through the movie.

Not being a great critiquer of vidding, I only really know what I like and what didn't work. There were bits I think would have been better in different places, and I think that using the movie as a frame for it all would have worked a lot better instead of doing most of that at the beginning.

But. It's so powerful, and it's moving, and it got across emotion pitch-perfect. Adding to favorites.

ETA: Corrected vidder's name (thanks, thefourthvine!)
Tags: recs: vids
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