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vid rec - this woman's work by holly gilmore
children of dune - leto 1
This Woman's Work by Holly Gilmore, Firefly, Zoe, Zoe/Wash.

Hmm. I was going to do this as a conditional, but I changed my mind. There's some odd clip order choices, but to be honest, first, second, and third watch, I just didn't care. It's powerful and it made me cry. Spoilers through the movie.

Not being a great critiquer of vidding, I only really know what I like and what didn't work. There were bits I think would have been better in different places, and I think that using the movie as a frame for it all would have worked a lot better instead of doing most of that at the beginning.

But. It's so powerful, and it's moving, and it got across emotion pitch-perfect. Adding to favorites.

ETA: Corrected vidder's name (thanks, thefourthvine!)

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hmm. It made me cry, but then it's totally the kind of vid that will make me cry. Not to mention the fact that I can't even think of Wash and Zoe without crying anyway. Still, lovely song choice and some lovely moments of the two of them. I am a totally naive vid watcher (and being half blind I can't even see a lot of the technical stuff that people complain about) but I thought it was pretty moving.

Of course now I'm reminded of the fact that I cannot seem to forgive Joss for killing Wash like that and may never be able to watch a Joss Whedon project ever again. *sad face*

it really is. I was crying at the end of it at the first watch. It hurt.

And to be honest, hte only problem I really had was the fact that I think it would have been more effective if she'd interspersed the movie footage more to frame it. And put the grave bit at the end. Though then I might have had some kind of breakdonw, because God, that hurts.

Thanks for this rec. I love this song. I agree that some parts of the vid could be changed, but it made me cry, so it was more than effective enough.

*nodnodnod* Did a damn good job.

That one is by Holly Gilmore, who I think is not the same person as KenfromChicago.

And, wow, that is a vid I probably should not have watched without knowing anything about Serenity or Firefly. (I knew there were spoilers in it - obviouisly, since you warned for that - and I already knew that particular spoiler, but I had not seen it before. If you see what I mean. *snf*)

Fixed on vidder's name.

It's--ouch. First scene, too. *winces*

*sends you soothing support*

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