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spn vid rec - war drums by izzerial
children of dune - leto 1
In continuing adventures in youtube....

War Drums by izzerial, SPN, gen - you know, just watching this, it's a lot less like a weekly adveture and a lot more like a war.

Some of the clips are--odd, but it's very intense. I'd give a lot to get it in a higher res, but--yeah. I feel unsettled.

Okay, it gave me intense flashbacks to horror movie trailers, which was freaky, and the speed of the earlier cuts--enough time to identify and tense, then go black--was really--I don't know. I watch the show for God's sake, but the vid is giving me that vague The Ring twitch that causes sleeplessness and a latent desire to pulverize my tv via blowtorch and sautering iron.

It could be just me on that one, but man, that was a deeply, deeply effective beginning.


Dean serial killer? I keep getting hung up on that knife showing up so much and when it shows up. And the juxtaposition of Sam digging the grave, sleeping, then waking up suddenly--seriously, anyone else get that?

Okay, yes, I know it's *not*, but--seriously. If you recut the beginning by two scenes, it looks like Dean and his knife are after that blonde chick, and seriously, unsettled now.

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At first I didn't like the low-rez clips, but they started to work for me. (Now that Season 2 is out on DVD we should be getting better quality ones in the vids.)

But yeah, very disturbing. The music was a factor in that...

Something(s) much sillier, if you haven't seen them:

Some of them look pretty deliberate, some--not so much deliberate as availability of source code.

But *damn* effective for the creep factor. I kept expecting high black and white grainy to show up and *really* freak me out.

...yeah,that music. God.

Ooh! Thank you! NEW ONES!



Also, I'd be so drunk, so fast. I will seriously nto be able to do anything but watch Dean lick his lips when the new season starts.

Or do the eyebrow thing... ;-)

(Deleted comment)
I was wondering if that was the direction--the Dean-eye-changes, the knife, and the parts cut to look like Sam's covering for him....

I keep watching, too, and this is seriously going to screw my sleep tonight.

Huh. After hundred-thousanth watching, I wonder if it's a split persoality thing?

(Deleted comment)
Yes, that part and the part with the water as well.

I am really tempted to email the vidder to find out.

My reading was that Dean isn't who he appears to be and he never was. Sam isn't supposed to know but he knows anyway and pretends he doesn't so that Dean can keep pretending. If this is a war, Dean is fighting on Sam's side but he is still a monster. Hmm, I could be way off the mark, though. I've only watched it two times. I guess I have watch it again. :)

Oooooh, I love that!

Hmm, also possible, same idea, but Dean's the one that died in tha ep, and Sam kept around the shapechanger for your reasons above.

*purrs* I cant' watch it now, it's, y'know, *night*.

Wow, that's some great cutting to the beat, there. Also, Oh, SPN. Stop filming in the dark. It's not helpful to vidders.


Also, it was funny, but even the baby monitor was following the beat to a point. ANd that bit with teh kid falling out of the boat. And when Dean hit the water? I was like...wow.

(Deleted comment)
*nods, eyes wide*

It really is.

Thanks for the pointer.

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