Seperis (seperis) wrote,

spn vid rec - war drums by izzerial

In continuing adventures in youtube....

War Drums by izzerial, SPN, gen - you know, just watching this, it's a lot less like a weekly adveture and a lot more like a war.

Some of the clips are--odd, but it's very intense. I'd give a lot to get it in a higher res, but--yeah. I feel unsettled.

Okay, it gave me intense flashbacks to horror movie trailers, which was freaky, and the speed of the earlier cuts--enough time to identify and tense, then go black--was really--I don't know. I watch the show for God's sake, but the vid is giving me that vague The Ring twitch that causes sleeplessness and a latent desire to pulverize my tv via blowtorch and sautering iron.

It could be just me on that one, but man, that was a deeply, deeply effective beginning.


Dean serial killer? I keep getting hung up on that knife showing up so much and when it shows up. And the juxtaposition of Sam digging the grave, sleeping, then waking up suddenly--seriously, anyone else get that?

Okay, yes, I know it's *not*, but--seriously. If you recut the beginning by two scenes, it looks like Dean and his knife are after that blonde chick, and seriously, unsettled now.
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