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grrr and also, huh
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so it's true. VividCon has totally spoiled me.

I can't watch vids where the colors dont match (I NEVER KNEW THERE WAS COLOR MATCHING, OH MY GOD) or where the cuts are sloppy (HOW DID I LEARN TO IDENTIFY THIS?) or where the cuts are very, very, very, very indecently long without being terribly meaningful and I just spent three minutes mentally decontructing one and thinking, they really should have matched up their source more. FIX YOUR ASPECT RATIO DAMMIT (WHEN DID I FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT WAS ANYWAY?)

....I have no idea what this means.

I blame fan_eunice and vagabondage for last year when they totally started explaining the entire Process of Vidding (which really is a lot like having a moment of Enlightenment) because oh my God, I am griping about how the music does not match the mood.

This is so sad. And also seriously, where is the Logan/Scott? I don't ask much, do I? Their love includes a long on-screen canonical hug.

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I can't watch vids where the colors dont match (I NEVER KNEW THERE WAS COLOR MATCHING, OH MY GOD)


There's colour matching?? I know about the others (and nothing gets me out of a vid faster than sloppy cuts), but colour matching? Seriously? What does that even mean?????

I..do not know. but it's like--this one was ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE and then blue and it was very disconcerting when it came from the same show. ORANGE and then blue.

...there better be an official name for that. I just got a headache and then closed quickly.

(I think it was not supposed to be orange, too. Thre is that.)

Any advice or helpful posts you could point out for someone about to try and make their first vid?

Honestly? sisabet and morgandawn have the best links. But I think there's a good link list--give me a day and I'll find it.

What nimnod said. I've been trying to get into vidding for a while now, and.. what's aspect ratio?

Ther's a good list of links I'll track cown, but read sisabet and morgandawn--both are great resources.

I'll find the list.

I posted about these issues, especially aspect ratio a while back, and was boggled to learn that there are a lot of people who truly don't care. And yet it gives me an actual *pain* in my visual cortex.

I *can* overlook it if it's the only problem? But it seems to pair up with *several* and the vid has to be pretty damn good conceptually otherwise.

...yeah, I do get headaches from watching. And one where there were at least not *only* multiplee aspect ratios, but multiple color differneces and long, long scenes--I had to turn it off very fast.

It was *orange*. *twitches* Hurt me.

...hmm. Though I did run across this one, where the vidder suprirsed me by deliberately using red to depict constructed/fantasy scenes both in a SPN wincest and did something interesting to shadowing, but I'm not sure if that was deliberate to keep the faces out of view. It wasn't that great, but it *was* interesting, though the red was way too aggressive. I have her marked somewhere to watch and see how she improves. I'm hoping she does--the one she had was definitely intersting.

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