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grrr and also, huh

Okay, so it's true. VividCon has totally spoiled me.

I can't watch vids where the colors dont match (I NEVER KNEW THERE WAS COLOR MATCHING, OH MY GOD) or where the cuts are sloppy (HOW DID I LEARN TO IDENTIFY THIS?) or where the cuts are very, very, very, very indecently long without being terribly meaningful and I just spent three minutes mentally decontructing one and thinking, they really should have matched up their source more. FIX YOUR ASPECT RATIO DAMMIT (WHEN DID I FIGURE OUT WHAT THAT WAS ANYWAY?)

....I have no idea what this means.

I blame fan_eunice and vagabondage for last year when they totally started explaining the entire Process of Vidding (which really is a lot like having a moment of Enlightenment) because oh my God, I am griping about how the music does not match the mood.

This is so sad. And also seriously, where is the Logan/Scott? I don't ask much, do I? Their love includes a long on-screen canonical hug.
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