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still didnt' do homework, but recs!

Two things. Less than pleasant first.

Seriously, I Need to Say This?

There is a time and place for fic critique. Unless you have never been here before, I think it's pretty self-evident it goes on in here.

But there's this thing I like to call time and place.

Please don't, when I am doing a quick squee-rec, like, say, oh, tonight, come in and post anonymously a sly poke at a different story in comparison to the one recced. One, it's kind of tacky. Two, that's not something a given author needs to see randomly pop up if they're reading my lj.

And yes, I know what fic was referred to. And I seriously in all ways don't agree. That entry was not the place or the time.

(This is absolutely not in reference to last week, btw.)

YouTube Vids Recs

If you watch enough youtube vids? You really *do* find what you were looking for.

Fandom: X-Men

So Much Better by LadyofTear, St.John/Bobby. I--really love this. Their love is so torn by destiny. And it gets extra points for not starting in that mall scene from X2. Happy.

Fandom: Star Trek Voyager

Holding Out for a Hero by Sazzy1972, Janeway/Seven. Whetehr or not you have seen Voyager, like or hate the pairing, or have issues with gorgeous blonde Borg--watch this. I pasted this to svmadelyn after the first minute. You'll see why. This? This is *awesome*.

It runs a little long for me personally, but it's a riot.

Summer Nights from Grease by Sazzy 1972, Janeway/Seven. Oh my God. Same as above. This is so awesome. And seriously, Janeway as Danny works on a variety of levels. A variety.

ETA: Someone have any good Logan/Scott? I really want Logan/Scott for some reason.
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