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oh rock on
children of dune - leto 1
Titanic the Sequel Trailer

That is just freaking awesome.

Okay, I identifed Romeo and Juliet, the one with Nicholas Cage about the prison plane, and I *know* I've seen the others...anyone?

Romeo and Juliet (shooting scene holding hostage at church) from seperis (Possible bleeding-face scene) from miss_saigon
Demolition Man (warm goo) from deadlychameleon (ice block cutting) from miriad
28 Days Later (voiceover) from bathsweaver
Shawshank Redemption (crawling tunnel) from ileliberte (also paraka, roguewords)
Catch Me If You Can from paraka (also roguewords)
The Fugitive (pursuit shots) from thefourthvine (also mustangsally78)
Grifters (John Cusack) from toft_froggy
US Marshalls from mustangsally78
Con Air from mustangsally78
Encino Man (Possible) from roguewords
The Abyss (Possible) from roguewords (Touchdown bit) from thedivinegoat (beginning) from loriel_eris
The Man in the Iron Mask (prison scene) from ladyjanelly
Gangs of New York (Possible, bleeding-face scene) from ladyjanelly
In the Mouth of Madness (John Glover bit) from like_cheap_wine
Goodfellas (running down the street near end) from ms_nerd
The Hulk (the Jennifer Connolly/Sam Jones bits) from Anonymous
Forever Young (Jamie Lee Curtis bits) from miss_saigon
Austin Powers (warm goo) from green_grrl
The Basketball Diaries (tie and white shirt by fence) from miss_saigon (blonde girl straddling him) from ainaria

PS: I had no idea Leonardo diCaprio cried so much.

ETA: updated movie list! I--think we accounted for every scene now?

I would have bought it, except for the "warm liquid goo phase" direct from Demolition Man.

*grins* And on the goggles at the beginning? That the guy is wearing? IT says diamond finder or something.

..I totally did not see that until the second time I watched. It was *awesome*.

(Deleted comment)
Shawshank Redemption with the crawling through tunnel bit :D Also, if I had to listen to that damn song again, I think I would almost like the faster version. And yes, the whole thing was awesome.

Ahh, I couldn'[t see the actor on that bit. Whee!

Yeah, the fast versin is very cool.

Well the escaping from prison and crawling through the tunnels looked like it was from "The Shawshank Redemption" and I noticed quite a few scenes from "Catch Me If You Can". But that's it's from me. I didn't even catch the scene from Con Air I don't think.... :-/

It's the one where "this situation has not come up before...." with the guy from DS9.

A lot of the pursuit shots came from The Fugitive, and I'm pretty sure some of them came from The Departed, too. I'm downloading the version with the director's commentary now - maybe he'll say where he got them from?

oooh. I didn't see there was one! Getting!

Oh my god, that's so awesome. There were shots in there from The Shawshank Redemption, I think the one with John Cusack was Grifters, and there were maybe shots from The Green Mile and The Island?

I've seen the others...anyone

Lots of US Marshalls, the Fugitive, and Con Air (Which you spotted) and Demolition Man.

Re: I've seen the others...anyone

US Marshalls! Okay, that one I haven't seen before.

umm, that Sly Stallone movie with Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes...
Con Air, like you said, Catch Me If You Can (so much of that running footage) I wanna say Abyss, but I'm not certain. Little clip from The Shawshank Redemption, Enceno Man (maybe?)

Definitely cool. Must have taken a lot of time.

Ooohyeah. I an't imagine how much to get those together.

The Man in the Iron Mask (the prison scene)
Gangs of NY ?(bleeding-face scene)

The bit with John Glover is from In the Mouth of Madness.

When he's running down the street near the end - isn't that from Goodfellas? Wasn't that Ray Liotta?

The Jennifer Connolly/Sam Jones bits are from The Hulk. Anyone know what the Jamie Lee Curtis lines are from? That's gonna bug till I figure it out.

"warm liquid goo phase" is Austin Powers, and Sam Elliott is from The Hulk. It's fun playing spot the scene!

Thanks for the link, that was amazing work.

I'm actually pretty sure that the bleeding face scene is also from Romeo and Juliet--it's taken from the scene where he chases down Tybalt and shoots him in the fountain, right before the "I am fortune's fool line" and no I wa snot completely obsesses with that movie in 10th grade why do you ask?

There's also a little clip from Forever Young, with Jamie Lee Curtis saying "what do you want with him?" and the men say they don't want to hurt him.

There's also a few different clips from The Basketball Diaries, scenes with Leo in tie and white shirt hanging out around a chain link fence.

Also I think that scene where a blonde girl straddles him is from The Basketball Diaries.