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Titanic the Sequel Trailer

That is just freaking awesome.

Okay, I identifed Romeo and Juliet, the one with Nicholas Cage about the prison plane, and I *know* I've seen the others...anyone?

Romeo and Juliet (shooting scene holding hostage at church) from seperis (Possible bleeding-face scene) from miss_saigon
Demolition Man (warm goo) from deadlychameleon (ice block cutting) from miriad
28 Days Later (voiceover) from bathsweaver
Shawshank Redemption (crawling tunnel) from ileliberte (also paraka, roguewords)
Catch Me If You Can from paraka (also roguewords)
The Fugitive (pursuit shots) from thefourthvine (also mustangsally78)
Grifters (John Cusack) from toft_froggy
US Marshalls from mustangsally78
Con Air from mustangsally78
Encino Man (Possible) from roguewords
The Abyss (Possible) from roguewords (Touchdown bit) from thedivinegoat (beginning) from loriel_eris
The Man in the Iron Mask (prison scene) from ladyjanelly
Gangs of New York (Possible, bleeding-face scene) from ladyjanelly
In the Mouth of Madness (John Glover bit) from like_cheap_wine
Goodfellas (running down the street near end) from ms_nerd
The Hulk (the Jennifer Connolly/Sam Jones bits) from Anonymous
Forever Young (Jamie Lee Curtis bits) from miss_saigon
Austin Powers (warm goo) from green_grrl
The Basketball Diaries (tie and white shirt by fence) from miss_saigon (blonde girl straddling him) from ainaria

PS: I had no idea Leonardo diCaprio cried so much.

ETA: updated movie list! I--think we accounted for every scene now?
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