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Finally have answered about a third of the email I rescued from my web filters earlier this week and am feeling more than a little triumphant. In that vaguely dull way of knowing that wow, I really need to clean my filters more. Or start adding to the exceptions list again, though it takes forever and a day. I bulk foldered it all with the idea of sorting it out and answering it immediately, but that didn't pan out. Gah.

What I don't get is, the subject line 'sparks' is a red flag, but the subject line 'want to please your woman' is NOT? Okay, what on earth is this program EVALUATING with? And dear God, a good red flag is anytime the email addy is a superrandom set of numbers and letters, so why on earth doesn't it check that out?

There's this chance I'm going to get penis envy soon, just on the principle that at this point, if I have to get these emails, I should damn well have one of my own.

And who, exactly, do these people think they are fooling? Does ANYONE look at an ad that says 'cumming girls and farmyard animals XXXX' and say, wow, I should go see this, especially since you filled my inbox with thirty of these in the last two days! Even if I were a fancier of unusual sexual antics involving in rural life with multiple orgasms and bad spelling, I would completely and totally hate them for doing this to my inbox and find other purveyors of antics who don't spam.

Does ANYONE click on the links or read these things? And if there are people? Can we have them removed from the net on the principle that they are too stupid to be trusted with a computer and are ruining the inboxes of the world?

And how many people did I just offend with that one? *grins*

I've been comtemplating hopes that the end of Season II will lead to a nice Clark meltdown. Discussion with latxcvi and CJ have both been interesting and informative, since both are a hell of a lot more analytical than I am in making good conclusions.

Again, this all comes back to what I noted around Rosetta (Fever?), that Clark's been steadily losing some of his--well, I want to say his percieved function in the lives of family and friends.

To Lex, little brother, only friend, general cheerleader and conscience. And sextoy, though apparently, some people don't consider that canon. How odd. For his parents, their miracle child when they couldn't give birth to one. For Lana, knight in shining armor.

Since Prodigal, he's been watching as this all chipped away bit by bit--Lucas first, then Helen moving in with Lex, and Martha getting pregnant, then Lana suddenly feeling the girlpower. Which leaves Pete and Chloe, which, love them though you might, either don't have that kind of relationship with him or are going to be next to be given some kind of function that doesn't include Clark or contradicts his reason for existing to them. Er. If that makes sense.

If Chloe and Pete were to start dating at any point coming up, I would suggest everyone run for cover, because Clark just might have a breakdown of some kind.

Interestingly, I kind of wish Leech could have been set in this time period. Especially with Clark's loss of what he thinks makes him important to others, losing his powers as well might have made an interesting arc, if there is, in fact, an arc going on here. Dichotic too, with the double whammy of Chloe and Lana with other guy(s)--and wouldn't that make him rethink the concept of ruling the flawed ones, hmm?

I really enjoy hurting him too much. And I need to think about it more, actually. I'm well aware of how off base I am here--after all, this is Smallville and continuity is always an accident, but still. It's interesting, at least from a ficcer's perspective.

Watched Armageddon and cried again. Marveled at the intense slashiness of Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis, and why, God, why did he have to die at the end, because this movie is like slashcentral, what with the use of phallic guns during a fit of intense jealousy (oh come on, really, who bought that he was worried about his daughter's virtue?), obvious displacement of feelings for the father onto the daughter, and canonical declarations of love. And the crying. Which somehow, Ben makes look intensely sexy and I have no idea why. My God, man, stop whimpering on the floor there and get your boyfriend back before he dies!

Yet he never listens, no matter how often I tell him to do that on the TV. Stubborn little bastard.

I keep coming back to this movie and think, why don't I write in it? Then I remember. Because he's dead. Dammit.
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