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children of dune - leto 1
I think personal happiness can be assured by these two things:

a.) I wrote my first program!

(To be fair, I copied it directly as I was supposed to, paying careful attentin to what I was doing, so I know what each line of code means. Leading to 2....)

b.) Figured out how to hold the screen up so I can see the results

Okay, that part was *not* in the program, so I couldn't see if it worked, so I went looking and found the system command in the Dev C++ complier. But is it *supposed* to stay open without the system command? Because seriously, I thought I did it wrong.

...maybe I did? Except I checked character by character and seriously,no.


God. I need a life.

(And I don't even have to do it until class tomorrow in lab! I just--wanted to see if I could yet. So I am done! Except I'm retyping it in lab and everything because then I look like one of the Really Scary Obsessive Students, which I am going for. Must remember to wear glasses and look stern.)

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that is just...awesome! I totally get where you are coming from...

and yes, rock the RSOS look...*g*


God. I need a


DEEPLY impressed... seriously!! DEEPLY impressed!!

That is so cool! Very impressive! :)

What language are you programming in?

The good old normal non-++ C, in my one-semester experience, blinks in and out of the actual-happenings screen too fast to see, and you have to press keys/write a command to see it. So it's not too unlikely C++ does to.

Also, consider that the first program written by the guy who wrote C (he did write it *himself*, but it's, you know, three lines of code) had the sophisticated purpose of printing "Hello World!" Humble beginnings are where it's at.

Isn't it fun? Even when it's not going well and driving me crazy I love writing code.

Completely OFF TOPIC

I was wondering if your Mom ever finished reading your fic???

On looking like one of the Really Scary Obsessive Students

You must wear glasses that have been repaired at least once and make sure your hair is tied back unevenly. If your hair is too short to tie back unevenly, it must be rucked up on one side, clear evidence that you overslept while dreaming about this stuff.

You may still shower, though.

Also, to borrow from Salieri, make sure you write out your program in class as though you were taking dictation from God.

Yay, you! I failed miserably at my programing class. So, yay! Somebody non-techno-geeky can program! ::throws confetti 1s and 0s::

Okay, yes, this is remarkably after-the-fact, but you're not crazy with the program closing -- the executable compiled in Dev C++ doesn't stay open unless you make it stay open, which is rather irritating when you have output. Out of curiosity, what command did you use? (I have been putting a cin command at the end so that the program stays open waiting for input, but that is probably not the most efficient way to do things)

But yay for workable programming! :) I've found that I am far more inclined to work on computer science than, say, physics. It's so rewarding when you get something accomplished!

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