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The Toybox

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children of dune - leto 1
I have never felt so lazily content in my life. Well, at least lazy. I have this intense desire to find somewhere with sun (or just turn on my lamp and point it toward some kind of surface), curl up, and nap.

There should be a specific mood for this. Lazy just does not cover it.

Er. To make this relevant, let me find something to post....

Call Soft Enough by flambeau. It totally matches the mood here. SGA, Sheppard/McKay. Lazy-warm-content-comfortable-hot.

ETA: Languorous, I believe, is the word you want. "A dreamy, lazy mood or quality." -- justascream

I thin there will be purring soon.

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Languorous, I believe, is the word you want. "A dreamy, lazy mood or quality."

Often accompanies terms of sex.

Yes. Yes. Thank you.

That story is languorous.

Adding now.

I would take a bow if it I weren't seated at a desk. Hey, what are human dictionaries/thesauri good for? Very little, to be honest.

*sleepy moring blink* Thank you! It's really nice to wake up and find yourself illustrating a mood like that. Of course, now I just want to go back to bed... *g*

You know, what I remember about reading it the first time--and this is kind of funny, that I remember it--is that I was reading everything then so fast because I'd just discovered the fandom, and it was vroom vroom vroom though ship-recs and the stuff people emailed me.

But this one, I had to stop and re-read, because the rhythm really required a slow savor.

In other words: oooh, pretty.

Purr away we shall totally not mind and will definitely pet you every now and again if you so wish.

Okay that came off a bit pervy - sorry

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