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This Woman Could Totally Kick My Ass AKA Made of Win
children of dune - leto 1
I'm trying to think of a way to preface this link, but so far, it's mostly some kind of tear-filled cliche type thing of survival, so I'll simplify.

I want to be able to do this when I'm seventy-six. God, I'd like to know I could do this *now*, and I'm seriously not sure I could.

Rescuers find woman, 76, given up for dead

Ora Doris Anderson. Seventy-six. Two weeks in the Oregan wilderness. Sitting by a creek. Injured hip but was alert. Seventy-six.

From article:

Anderson had been lightly dressed in a wilderness area where temperatures had dipped into the 30s Fahrenheit over the past two weeks, The Associated Press reported.

Seriously. That's just made of win.

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Go Ora!

I always say you're only as old as you let yourself feel :)

She totally proved that. I'm in awe. I'm seriously not sure I'd survive that long, and she just--by a creek. Talking.

That's just amazing.

I saw that on the news early this morning and I was like, You go, girl! Bless those two sheriffs deputies who decided to go back out there on their off day, after the search had been called off. This lady is awesome!

I like the fact that they heard her talking to the birds. I'm suprised she hadn't conned the little feathered guys into building her a raft or something.

Amen, Sister.

I have lots of theoretical knowledge but I'm afraid to test it. Esp with an injured hip.

being in Oregon, that story has been on my news, but I missed the update that they found her. how wonderful - and how terrific that she was doing so well after being missing so long

I'm glad she's safe and sound. She did the right thing; sat down and waited to be rescued. Moving about will only get you more lost.

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