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rec - transference by semivowel

Ronon had an energy pistol and was as big as a small horse, so he was essentially useless as a role model in scenarios such as this. Sheppard would have threatened to destroy their kingdom, their families, their domesticated pets and their entire stone age subculture, sow the ground with salt and make sure no life ever surfaced on their planet again. But Rodney lacked the edge of insane conviction to pull that one off.

That is possibly my favorite partial paragraph in the history of fandom. Because John totally would. With insane conviction.

Transference by semivowel. eleveninches recced it to me and was like YOU WILL ENJOY HERE IS THE LINK which is second only to svmadelyn's charming habit of pasting bits of fic into my AIM window to make me read something.

Though granted, eleveninches sends me good fic and svmadelyn sends me stuff that's like "and then he slid his thickly ridged emerald shaft into the blond man's slick brown flower while his wings beat a steady rhythm of sexual innocence into the thickly scented air above him. The dark-haired man thought lustfully, he smells like porridge."

(If that is an actual fic and I just randomly plagiarazed, please just shoot me. It would be kinder. I do not want to know this exists.)


Fic (the recced one!) is awesome and funny and *Fun* and I just don't think there are enough big gay planets. Not nearly enough. God, SGA. You shock me.
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