Seperis (seperis) wrote,

The universe is not annoying me today, which I find faintly unsatisfactory; not having something to complain about bothers me.

Beta Process

I'm also practicing the use of semicolons in the place of dashes, because dashes drive eleveninches nuts, and I have to admit, as a teaching device, all caps red STOP THAT is wildly, wildly successful conditioning. You wouldn't think so? But seriously. When a beta does that five or six times in the same fic, then you can almost *see* the way her hands are thrown up? You try to write with dashes later.

All Cap Red STOP THAT blinking in your head and then you twitch. I have no clue how she's doing that.


So I need a calculator. I don't know--how much. I need a calculator recommendation.

Looking over the difference between a BA/BS and a MA/MS, a couple of things jumped out at me. One, eventaully I will have to take Precal through Cal III (I really kind fo want to die thinking about it), but yeah. I need one for chemistry anyway, because frankly, while I can do it all longhand, I don't see the point of doing it unless he really wants the work for some reason.

So. Since I haven't had to use one in a while, what am I looking for in a calculator? One that doesn't cost the same as my laptop. Recommendations?

In closing--I have this strange desire to write up how I am faintly annoyed by the fact that while I completely understand the difference between repetition and selection structures, I do not know why it makes sense. Seriously. It's annoying, mostly because I think the way I'm categorizing in my head is going to seriously screw me later.

I am thinking of the vending machine and the Reese's Peanut Butter cups. It's never too early for chocolate, right?
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