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i feel a song coming on, except not really
children of dune - leto 1

For a few years now, I've had the option turned off for making my lj searchable in google (and a few other search engines). I--do not remember why? It was probably some vague fit of privacy. yes, I find that funny, too.

However, problem. 1,945 LJ entries. (God. Seriously? God.) And it's surprisingly difficult to say, find anything in one's lj. And--okay, I'm spoiled. I'm a child of google, which I first discovered back circa 2000 and clung to when I used to entertain myself by seeing how long it took for the XMMFF archive I was running at the time to be picked up after an update (six weeks in February, five weeks by March, no idea after that, though somewhere I'm sure I kept those kind of insane notes).

I--do not know another way to search other than boolean keyword. No other way makes *sense*. And the entire tagging frenzy I indulged myself in recently did (and the story removal thing; you know, I still can't figure out if that was really cowardly or really practical, or a kind of half-assed pragmatic cowardice, whatever) was to *find* stuff I remember writing. Ljbackup can sort of do it, except it doesn't like multiple keywords, and seriously, it's like searching for fic. I remember only the insane parts that make me sound like I took an abrupt turn into Better Living Through Powerful Psychotropics. Or you know, sad.

So. I removed the restriction Friday, sat back, and decided to time how long it took google to index it.

As of Monday night, tags started appearing, and as of today, a few entries. I'm kind of tempted to do a daily check; on one hand, sure, vain, but on the other--I am kind of curious about google's process.

Okay, random question:

Google's robots--do we compare them to

A.) locusts - consuming all they see (except for things they aren't supposed to?)
B.) not-locusts - some other method of collection.


So. Did everyone but me know that technorati also indexes locked LJ entries? Does it only do that when they were unlocked and *then* relocked, or just does it anyway? And how? I am vaguely interested in testing it, but I'm pretty sure, what with class today and the five pages of text notes I have for class, I am possibly going to completely forget about this.

In Closing

I have a new jump drive to replace my darling lost drive, who will hopefully come back. It's--larger than Darcy's harddrive (Darcy was my first computer). It is half the size of Schindler's harddrive (Schindler was my second computer). Seriously. Four gigs. And they had some that were eight!

Oh how quickly time passes.

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I've placed almost every entry in my LJ in memories, every few months as they were posted. And then I started tagging a few months after the option was introduced (although the upper limit of 100 entries displayed per tag still makes no sense to me). I can find almost anything I need to in my LJ, pretty quickly. But when I migrated all those entries over to InsaneJournal? I threw up my hands and said to hell with it. I'll start the process over there as of August 2007, and god help me if LJ decides I'm in violation of their ever-more nebulous policies one day.

The privacy thing weighs on me, so my journal's never been indexed by Google or ljseek or any of those search engines.

The growth of data storage continues to amaze me. Your 4 gig jump drive makes my 1 gig one look like nothing, yesterday's toy to be discarded for a newer shiny.

(although the upper limit of 100 entries displayed per tag still makes no sense to me)

They made the limit higher, it's now 1000 entries. :)

Does it only do that when they were unlocked and *then* relocked, or just does it anyway?

Only if they were flocked later. My lj is flocked and my stuff doesn't show up.

The growth of data storage is just... amazing. (The first computer I bought myself had twenty megs of storage. Twenty megs, and I knew I'd never fill the damn thing up. Especially as I saved everything to floppies.)

I have, sitting in a box, a 1 terabyte hard drive that I need to hook up Real Soon Now. Because the 120 GB this laptop has? Not enough. *headdesk*

I've always set my stuff to be searchable not least because it annoys me that all those robot exclusion rules make my automated link checking I perform to keep my rec pages and thematic lists current almost impossible, so I have issues of which I'm reminded every time I check 100+ links that the automated thing doesn't.

The one thing I find annoying about google is that it makes it so easy for people to find my images, which otoh is good and it's not as if I don't use image searches myself, otoh my bandwidth gets eaten by people hotlinking my stuff from myspace and a whole bunch of message board sites, and sometimes I find my fanart in really weird contexts. (I can't implement these anti-hotlinking measures you always find in tutorials, because my webspace provider doesn't have the Apache module that's necessary for that installed.)

When I try to find stuff in my LJ that I can't find through tags (though I have all old entries tagged by now) I sometimes use google and sometimes search the backup copy on my HD because that has the couple of flocked entries too. And I didn't know that about technorati.

LJ Archive backs up your journal to your hard drive and you can use it to search for entries by words or tags. I use it for communities as well (it won;t have comments for communities).

do you use any desktop search software?
i mean, if LJbackup dls all your entries on your harddrive, then full text search with either google search, or Copernic desktop search is quick and easy!

Just FYI - the reason I don't have a searchable LJ is that comments, not just posts, get indexed, and there are people who therefore won't comment in journals which are searchable, at least more than once.

I'm a little hesitant myself - or, at least, I do some self-sensoring.

- Helen

If you want to easily search your OWN entries, the search in LJArchive is very very good. :)

ljseek.com can search through your public entries. (Limiting the search to specific journals is one of the advanced search options.)

I feel I am lacking the appropriate icon to express my glee

*Does happy dance*

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