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so this is what school is like. huh.

So. Chemistry.

All science majors can just skip over this because hey, I have science angst and I so plan to whine now about basic principles of chemistry. Also, my hand hurts.

He made an hour speech. I was disturbed to realize that even now, I can be vaguely pushed toward inspiration by well-chosen phrases and his certainty that we were a *committed* class due to the fact we voluntarily shuffled our asses into class at eight thirty in the morning.


There was some digression and some etc and some more etc, but it was interesting, though I had gotten vitamin water instead of coffee and was regretting it thoroughly. During five minute break, I got coffee. It was very bad. I did not care. Ritalin does many wondrous things, but it really does shit for keeping me awake. It just makes me *very good at concentrating* while wishing to die. Odd that.

He told us to google for his webssite and download his podcast. Seriously. He was a professional motivational speaker. I have no words.

A disproportionate number of pharmacology students--that actually did surprise me, since we only have twenty in our class and four or five declared for it. About five to eight full time students, one software engineer changing careers to--yes, pharmacology--one electrical engineering student from probable Rhode Island on loan to Texas with National Instruments and continuing his classwork here, one stay-at-home mom going back to school (my ageish), an older guy that sat in the middle front and looked determined (he's going to be good; at his age, that type tends to be tenacious, fanatic studiers, ask good questions, and basically make the younger students look kind of dumb and lazy, not to mention people in my experience over forty just tend to *get* this stuff on a practical level that most students, with rare exceptions, don't), and a few etc I'm still working out.

All except two work, and half the class works full time.

Race/sex leaned to usual for Texas: white male, white female (close in number), Asian female, African American female, Asian male (I actually meant to note this; I'm vaguely curious about how our diversity is going to work out in terms of natural grouping and for study groups; these sometimes do not overlap, which shows a difference between the people you like and the people you know you can learn from/with). One Nigerian female (young, extremely bright, natural student from her questions and her careful notes) I really liked and kind of want to see if she's interested in a study group. I have a mental study group; the older man, her, the stay at home mom, me, and the electrical engineer. I'm thinking she'll fall in with the intense right of the room (aka my right from my seat; I'm front far left), which is general breakdown eighteen to twenty-one.

Natural groupings observed so far: girlfriend/boyfriend, older male and stay at home mom and one of the pharmacology students, two of the younger guys (19-23 estimated age), with a transitional point with older male, software engineer and electrical engineer hanging in the halls. Others seem to be grouping by where they are sitting. I avoided human contact, mostly due to continuing problems with social interactions that don't involve the discussion of porn, but mostly curiosity. Our class is small enough that we *will* get to know each other fairly well and I kind of want to get impressions down first.

I was hoping for more adult students, because I hate to say this, but my patience with anyone I don't know well under twenty-two is vanishingly slim (fangirls are always exceptions to this). And to be honest, classes are a lot more fun and discussiony, since older students aren't as intimidated by professors, so they're willing to ask, contradict, or expound on points, and I tend to do better when everyone's involved with the coursework. There are reasons my worst classes were ones that involved pure lecture.

We slammed through chemistry intro with a few compounds, a couple of elements, and a sudden and shocking slide in how to create an ion from an atom. Chatted about horizontal periods versus vertical groups, metals versus non-metals, main, transitional, and the other things that aren't those, gases, electron charge, and I was vaguely surprised to realize how much I'd retained. I mean, as we worked through it. He's huge on class discussion and work--he learned five of our names early on and we (and yes, I was among the lucky ones) called on a lot, but he was surprisingly good at remembering names.

Anyway. First homework is estimated to take about eight hours--one twenty-nine page handout, prelab prep which includes a typed procedure for every lab and the prelab exercises, plus the first eight-four pages of a distressingly thick book.

Okay, why am I doing this again?

In closing: next time, I am bringing decent coffee with me. Screw health. I need the caffeine.

PS - Did I mention I rewrote all five pages of class notes over again in multiple colored pens? And did the the non-handout homework? My hand CRAMPED UP. This is my life, and it involves hand cramps. Gah.
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