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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it is tuesday. yes, it is tuesday
children of dune - leto 1
....wrote twelve thousand words of girl!John, stop. Am sending to amireal now, stop. She is going to laugh her ass off, stop.

Do I get a pony yet?

Also, first day of class today for me. I am not traumatizing myself at all thinking about it.

ETA: Random question. So say it's been--oh, years--since one wrote het sex. Is it *supposed* to feel kinky?


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(Deleted comment)
Does a pony count as a pet? Granted, i can't seriously call it a mode of transportation, but....

...Yeah, pet.

Sounds like girl!John is going to be loads of fun. Thanks for writing this!

It could be monkey-typing-Shakespeare. I just hope it's all in the same tense. *crosses fingers*

(Deleted comment)
*glows* I HAVE A PONY!

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, Girl!John... =D

Good luck with class.

It's not *good* Girl!John. It is just--Girl!John, yes. *nods firmly* I feel like I can check that one off the List of Fic Tropes.

...but seriously. Is writing het sex supposed to feel kinky? *bewildered*

I'm sure it is good. You really shouldn't sell yourself short like that. However at 12,000 words it will probably take me a while to read it due to my exceedingly poor attention span.

I guess it can. Probably best to ask someone who has actually written het sex. While I read it occasionally, I don't recall ever writing a proper het fic ever - unless you could the Sheppard/Weir BDSM... *looks rightfully embarrassed*

If it were up to me, you'd totally get a pony. A magical purple one with wings and sparkles. :)


(Deleted comment)
Yes. When you write/read primarily slash? Het gets very kink :(

Also, yay girl!John! And hush; you say it's not good and I never believe you.

Well it's--hmm. Something is structurally off, but I'm not sure it's fixable, if that makes sense, so it feels like it won't read correctly.

On the other hand--seirously. That het sex thing was odd. I forgot some of the vocabular. There was only one penis. Very bizarre.

(Deleted comment)
No, but I know exactly what you mean :)

I totally understand. *nods*

Do we at least get a teaser of the Girl!John fic? *tries to do puppy dog eyes, then remembers she's a cat person*

So say it's been--oh, years--since one wrote het sex. Is it *supposed* to feel kinky?

More than likely, yes. Have to admit you are really asking the wrong person though... *g* (quiet, threnodyjones!)

Also, this is the only pony icon I have. Sorry for using it again.

"It's just--" and he's off, on his feet and pacing the balcony. She's never met anyone like him, no one even close. "You know. You almost get blown up, with *my bomb*, and hey, I'm calm--"

"You called me an Ancient-chasing slut. Notice how you didn't get stick-time for that one?"

He waves it off. "I was high and you were--" he stops, finishing the bottle. Joan remembers vaguely that Rodney has the alcohol tolerance of a kumquat. A teetotalling kumquat. "And then you--"

"That's my job," she says gently.

Instantly, McKay's beside her, jerking her arm up, blunt fingers tracing down the length of her forearm, over the sensitive blue skin that's the last vestige of the creature she'd been. "This isn't your job," he says, voicing biting, fingers gentle, and Joan has a sudden, uncomfortable second of--

"Oh God." Oh.

McKay drops her arm. "Um, Colonel--"

"We had practice that day, didn't we?" Because she's looking right at his mouth and remembers--oh. Fucking. Hell. "McKay--"

"It wasn't you!" His ass hits the balcony as he loses his balance, which would usually be worth a laugh, but God, she tried to *hit that*, and oh oh oh, so not good. "I mean, yes, it was you, and there was this moment in the practice room, but then you stopped--"

Joan stares at the collar of his shirt in horror. "*Is that a hickey*?"

McKay's hand goes up before he can stop himself and Joan realizes there are whole new depths of humiliation to reach, because she apparently sexually assaulted her sexual-harrassing teammate while bug-possessed, and so much moral high ground just went down the drain. "I need to lie down," she says, and suits action to words, covering her face with both hands. "And I need more alcohol."

*makes french dolphin noises*

Hee! Drunken Rodney and Girl!John that's still John!John and not Wimpy!John. Awesome.

Eee! *makes noises like a dolphin begging for fish*

hetsex always feels a little kinky to me because a) i self-insert so much more - or at least, no such a physiological, basic level anyway - which means the whole voyeurism and rocks-off thing hits very close deep and b)I read and write slash primarily. THEN there is the fact that queerfucked sex - w/ gender or sex-switched characters - is always a little kinky from the ground up, cos, duh.


*waits for it all, happy happy*

YAY!!! *steals a pony to give you*

I've had a genderswitched Daniel WIPped forever -- that het sex feels kinky 'cause it's all new for him. But, you know what? If it feels kinky fgor you, then it is. ;-)

You're going to trigger my embarrassment squick again, aren't you? *sighs*

BUT I WANTS GIRL!JOHN!!!!1!1!eleventyone!!1!

Woohoo! I shall send you a tiny pony forthwith. It's so tiny you may not be able to see it, but it is definitely there... and purple.

ETA: Random question. So say it's been--oh, years--since one wrote het sex. Is it *supposed* to feel kinky?

lmao! I'll let you know after I'm done (recced here by ivorygates) 'cause, you know, I don't normally read het anymore!!!

random late-coming comment:



So say it's been--oh, years--since one wrote het sex. Is it *supposed* to feel kinky?
Hahahaha. I think it's kind of kinky for me to be reading het now. Oh, my mind. Somehow, though, there's a difference now between my levels of normalness with my own girly-bits interactions and what's the norm for the interactions I read about, and girly bits in words is just Not Normal anymore. *boggles* The human mind is just way too strange.

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