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svreview: precipise, s2e19

Well. That was hot.

Blah blah blah engaged, oh you saved me Helen, wow, honey, do you use that line on ALL your wives to be?

You know, like the OTHER one that saved you. My, how quickly we forget.

Though I liked Helen's jump to conclusions that Clark was the one he'd thought of. Amusement galore. Also liked her amazing lack of bandages after having, I think, her throat slit. You go, girl. Do tell us about that magic plastic surgeon you have on retainer.

Well, it was a week for me to get a WHOLE damn lot of wishes gratned, and hell, I hadn't even known I had some of them!

The violence rating--beautiful. Everyone was dangerously short tempered and hitting things, throwing things, cutting things up, and generally pleasing me muchly. I, for one, am a fan of gratuitious violence. Especially the kind involving Lex.

And may I point out, thank you? Really. Writers, whoever you are, thank you. I got to watch Lex hit things, drive fast, hold a gun, plan a cold blooded murder, and not go through with it.

So. Just so we can clarify.

Clark beats up four guys. Mmmm. Then Bad Guy beats himself up with a mirror. Guy? Consider some therapy. You shouldnt' have image issues like that. Lana versus the hanging thing. You go, Lana. Then we have Guy Attacking Helen. Always good for fun. After, we have Lex and Guy fight. My dreams will never be the same. Then Lana kicks ass. And makes me like watching.

Smug Sheriff annoyed me, but that's her function. Because really, we don't have enough people in the show that annoy me. No, we don't.

Right, I'm being rambly. The hotness of Lex tends to do that to me.

So Mean Frat Guys are mean to Lana. Oh damn. Clark saves her. Oh, that's new. Clark throws one into a car. That's been done. No, wait. Guy is DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT? NO! REALLY?

See, the thing is, I would have believed his injuries were real. HE MADE A DENT IN THE WINDSHIELD, CLARK. Okay? *sighs* In a way, it was kind of a let-down that he was faking. This might have been an interesting object lesson, though that one million dollar thing would, of course, have been the pits.

Anyway. Helen has a stalker, blah blah blah exposition cakes, but did you check out those eyes? Pretty body, pretty face, but the eyes screamed "I am a murdering stalker and I shall eventually turn to taxidermy to keep you around longer." You know the type. Yep. And notice how large his pupils were? You'll note that all Bad Guys or Good Guys Doing Bad get enlarged pupils. Possibly due to the close-ups.

All's well that ends well for the crew. Lana bonds with her inner Xena, Lex renews his affair with firearms, Helen plays The Victim in Any Horror Movie, complete with non-working lights and without the sense God gave a sheep to Get Out if the Lights Don't Work (NOW), Clark revisits his Red Sociopathic tendencies and mentions taking over the flawed race. I didn't cheer. But it was a very close thing.

I'm still stuck on three Very Important Moments.

One, Lex and Lana.

My first instinct was to go, eww. My second was to go, my, they are close. Lex, do you need to touch her that much? Third was, okay, keep touching.

I'm uncomfortably aware that at some point, I am going to write them fucking. Possibly during a training session. Honestly, it scares me how GOOD they are together on screen. Lana is less annoying, Lex seems to almost relax, and they are cute. Disturbingly, very-wrong, immensely terrifyingly cute. He knows how to push her buttons. She seems to bring out his protective instincts. And she seems to be taking up special Clark-space and that pleases me, since Clark annoys me and he should suffer.

Two, Clark showing up at the hospital.

Here's what I liked about that bit.

Anyone see a truck? *grins*

So, we have Clark at the Talon, wondering what hes' going to do now that Lex has a girlfriend and brother, Mom and Dad are having a baby, AND Lana can defend herself from Bad Guys he saves her from. His raison d'etre is disappearing by the show. Damn, now I feel sorry for him.

But wait. Now he's at the hospital. Looking for Lex. Hmm. No truck in sight. How odd.

Poor baby is desperate for someone to save. *pets*

Moving on.

Three, Clark and Lex doing their teamwork in fighting evil together, exchanging disturbingly non-heterosexual looks over the body of Paul (Bad Future TaxidermistSerialKillerStalkerGuy, for reference). Lex carefully planning how he would kill Paul. And he could have done it. If he hadn't hesitated.

*grins* Unconscious or not, I like the continuity. I like even better that the second time, he made a conscious choice and didn't do it. And he can say it was Helen, like he used to say it was Clark, but that was himself.

Now, to a few things that trouble me. But only a little.

Last week, Helen found out about Lex's One True Obsession. You know, the room, the blue light, the three foot tall picture of Clark? Yes, that one. If you think REALLY hard, yo'll remember. Apparently, Helen forgot. Very strange. Lex may have found his soulmate, or at very least, his First Minion. Anyone see if she was wearing jackboots?

Odd, though. But this IS Smallville and continuity isn't expected.

latxcvi or liviapenn pointed out that Lex obsesses with a real lack of shame. Clark! He saved me! Desiree! She saved me! Helen, you saved me! Blah blah blah cakes, bring out some martyrs to wail or something. Like Clark and his 'best friend' thing, Lex goes through saviors like dirty underwear. It's endearing. I keep worrying that one day, Jonathan might accidentally save Lex, and the face of Smallville slash will scare the living shit out of me.

"Go away, Lex."

"But Jonathan, you saved me."

"What happened to Mr. Kent? And will you stop trying to give me that Ferrari?"

"I was going to run over a cow, and then I had to stop, because I thought of you! YOU, Jonathan!"

"...what cow?"

*sighs happily* Lex, I adore you.

Clark was--remarkably less sparkly, actually. Lana was terrifyingly sparkly, Helen had some good moments, and Lex was so hot I lost track of time and control of voluntary motor function. Clakr was kind of there in an orange vest.

I'm still thinking. CJ had some interesting chat things I want to mull. But. Here's our lesson for today.

a.) Anytime guns are involved with Lex, I feel the episode has been a Great Success.

b.) Lex and Lana should fight together more often. Please.

c.) These people need a serious infusion of pop culture understanding in their lives.

More later whenI'm less squee-y. Wow.
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