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backdated: recs, links

Original Entry Date: 2/10/2003, 00:38
Backdated Entry Date: created 8/20/2007, 15:37, partial copy of privatized entry.

You know, I'm just not as loyal to my LJ as I was to my diary. I feel like a semi-adultress, and I'm not even any good at it.

Personal News

If all goes well, sister will be leaving for boot camp on Wednesday. We had kabobs and cheesecake tonight to celebrate. Absolutely non-intresting to most, but STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE! AND a strawberry torte.

And have I mentioned I bonded with Wal-Mart's Valentine's candy section?


Luna Lunatica by penelope_z
Surreal. That's all I'm saying. Read it a few times. It's just--yeah. Surreal.

A Bed in a Room in a House by dammitcarl. I love Jessica's lovely single-scene, thoughtful fics, and this one is both hot AND sweet. A Nickyverse story, and lovely as ever.

Harvest by Bren Antrim. In which the fandom still works through it's Clark!Rage quite energetically. Lex is bitter. And this hurts. Read.

Sweet Dreams by bexless. Bittersweet Lex POV, covering several different time periods. Beautifully written Lex that I can sink into, and lovely introspection.


Livia's gotten Truckload of Heart, A Clark and Pete link directory. Slash and friendship, should definitely be checked out. And contributed to!

jenn squeeing

liviapenn's been playing with Premiere and made the COOLEST thing ever. A trailer for Standing in the Common Spaces, Spiderman the Movie/Smallville. Yes, I'm drooling and giggly and DAMN it's so NEAT! The cuts are DAMN cool and I just love watching it and that song rocks. RealPlayer format. *happy sigh*

No, I haven't watched it multiple times in succession, why do you ask? *grins*

Just think, we can get her to VID for the fandom if we just put enough pressure on her--er, the word is 'encourage', rather. I like this idea. Can we start an official campaign? *curious*

*happy squeeing*

Really, I'm cute when I look like this. Anyway, go check it out, it just ROCKS.

*hugs liviapenn*

Other Things

I'm labeling again. I like it. It makes me feel as if there's been progress.

So the other night, Koi made me want to try a Five Things fic. Of course, that never works, as if I AU, I tend to want to stay there for an indecent word count and wallow in it instead of skipping blithely off. But. This one came out. After talking it over with liviapenn and pearl_o, I don't really think it works as it is, either as a legit AU or as a good Jonathan characterization. Since I'll never use it, I thought I'd post this version while I work out how it would work better.

And because I sort of LIKE it. *grins* I like creepy!

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