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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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backdated: recs, links, etc
clex reverence
Original Entry Date: 4/30/2003, 22:01
Backdated Entry Date: created 8/20/2007, 15:37, partial copy of privatized entry.

Short things.


Lowell County Choppers by roses. You know, it IS humorous and IS funny and IS cute, but the edge of bittersweet loss of possibility hurt, too. Beautifully written, as always by this author. *sighs*

A Step to the Left by shinan. Hmm. The thing is, while I like it, it NEEDS more. More--context, more background, more explanation of the AU possibility this is. I love the idea, and the writing is sound, so definitely should be read--but I'd love to see this author tell us more about this. Intersting.

Inversion by Lenore. Oh how cool! Reverse AUness, Alex Kent and Clark Luthor. Spooky couple of kids in so many ways. An interesting AU she should definitely revisit.

Other Things

Got this in my LJ, posted to the entry regarding video theft. For those following along in LJ, elke_tanzer discovered another idiot doing the theft of video thing. Because fandom is made of a lot of great people and then there are the morons who I would ban from fandom for all time.

See, this is when I want magical powers, dammit.

Anyway, jainieg is spearheading Access Denied.

The site is for people who have had their work and/or their bandwidth stolen by thoughtless thieves. At the heart of the site, it's a project to cut the stealing off at the source: by systematically shutting all of the participating AD sites down for 24 hours on May 19. What better way to hammer home the point about fans stealing from other fans by having the fans shut down their sites. Because we don't have to do what we do - we don't have to provide screencaps, we don't have to post our vids and art so that everyone can see them. This is an opportunity to show the thieves just how empty and dull the 'net would be without all of our contributions to the fannish community.

bonibaru already mentioned it, but let's get this across fandom. Mark the date on your calendars.

If I had slightly more energy, I'd probably throw the most boring fit in creation, but I just don't. I don't get the attitude and I don't get how any sane person can think this is okay. And talking to stupid brick walls, while a way to pass the time, just doesnt' make my top ten list of Things to Do. Removing my toenails with pliers ranks higher at this point.

Places to Visit

Here, thebratqueen explains WHY stealing fan stuff is wrong, wrong, wrong.

selling_out is the new home of Jessica's wonderful indie!Clark AU. And if you don't know what this is, you NEED to check it out.

And I have GOT to think of something to write that won't annoy me.

Snippet from the ClexBrothersAU. Set in time between the first two snippets, about two years after the first one. One day, I may even finish this story.

(privatized, fic can be found on website under title Looking Glass.

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Nice try with the backdating, but I think you need to doublecheck anything that points to the slashdom archive.

Er. Did I piss you off or something?

And kinda aware of that. Someoen already told me, but I had this falling asleep thing I was trying to do before work. My bad.

Er. Did I piss you off or something?


Well, there was minor grumpiness at the ficcus interuptus. But that was a general harumph at the slashdom archive?

Someoen already told me

How was I supposed to know? I think the original post still had no comments, or I was looking at it via an rss reader while testing it out. *frowns* That's gonna be a problem. I need to see if there's a plugin for that. I know you were asleep. You said goodnight and everything. *G*

Nice try with the backdating,

Snide? Not appreciated.

And fixing today.

It wasn't meant to be snide, (though maybe I was being snide at the archive? or LJ?) mostly it was sleepy and frustrated?

Fic archives, causing strife since 1995?

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