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Backdated: recs, wip collective, other

Original Entry Date: 5/30/2003, 23:11
Backdated Entry Date: created 8/20/2007, 15:37, partial copy of privatized entry.

T-ball, second practice yesterday. On Sunday, first one, recognized one of the coaches as a guy I went to school with, two years my senior.

He's married. With three daughters.

What. The. Hell.

I'm telling you, it's the normal things that screw around with my head the most. I can deal with growing up myself, because I'm in complete denial about the fact and like it muchly. But someone who used to SCARE me in high school? Not so much. Grrr. My sister couldn't help but remark on his tan and his ass. I'm thinking, is he going to make fun of my hair?

Yep, that's me, all kinds of piles of strangeness.

In more interesting news, child is definitely a lefty. This despite the fact that he writes with his right hand at school (I suspect he's been trained that direction, since his handwriting is still pretty bad even for his age, while his left hand is still better but he acts confused using it). As an aside, it IS funny--since Child learned to draw, he's tended to use both, changing hands as one of them tires. Practical kid. But he's almost always shown a decided preference for physical activity on the left side--throwing, catching, etc.

Anyway, my sister's fiance, who DOES play baseball, was the first to note that while Child threw with his left hand best, he tended to bat from either side, but backwards--using a leftie position on the right side, and a rightie on the left. Sort of. SisterFiance thinks that part of that is observation--everyone he knows and has met and played with is right handed, so he's trying to model. It's cute. I understand this could slow him down should he pursue a professional career, but well. Cute.

Teeth hurt. Want dentist. Seriously overworked, as one of us is on vacation and another is in training. Scary numbers of people with smart questions, but several with really, really, really stupid ones. Want my mommy and a pony. Would settle for someone who loves me to write me porn.

The Yard is progressing. Unlike before, I'm plotting first because my margin of error is very, very small, and well. I'm not good at plot. It's not my natural forte. Romance, sex, love, death, that sort of thing, yay! But worldbuilding? Huh. Anyway, my apologies for being weird. I'll direct you to cool people who are not weird and who are brilliant to entertain you.

box_of_serial by Livia, where lives Altville, updated regularly. Oh yummy.

rageprufrock with numerous WiP's she updates nicely.

selling_out where Jessica and co are creating a fabulous universe.

I want a pony now.

Another State of Jenn in Fandom--this is basically how I keep progress on current activities.

Current SV story tally: 57

Current NC-17 SV story tally: 32

WiPs: I did this a few weeks ago, but things change rapidly in jennland.


This, Too - cowrite with Pru. Dearest God. You should see this thing grow.

Arkham!Fic -- cowrite with Devin, and God, you should see us angst. So. Much. Fun.

Rainfic -- cowrite with Pru. Yeah. Pattern here.

The Yard -- kicking my ass in a good way.

ClarkLexBrothersFic -- the cuteness and distrubingness never end.

Where No One Else Can Follow -- Young!Lex. Getting laid. He thinks. It's still up in the air. Wrote originally for Jessica's selling_out universe, but it got out of timeline, though Jess thinks it could be AU. Ethan hangs out here.

Threaded Through It All -- the one I have no idea what to do with but I can't leave alone.

There are four more, but they are in various stages of being weird. Then there are the inactives that I pretend I don't want to look at, but I do.

Anyway, as I don't have The Yard tonight, since I want to finish this particular curve and make sure it works before I start posting again....

(original entry privatized, story can be found on my webpage under the title Looking Glass
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