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backdated: rec - Before the Songs Were Made by emerlin

Original Entry Date: 8/19/2007, 23:23
Backdated Entry Date: created 8/20/2007, 15:37, partial copy of privatized entry.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Te said 'jump', I wouldn't even bother saying 'how high', I'd just do it.

*shakes head* I am spineless putty in her BNFesque iron fist.

I'll get to that later. Another day. Just be aware. Dangerous lady.


Yes, this surprised me too.

Before the Songs Were Made by emerlin.

I'm a huge whore for a good title--see the fact I tend to steal them if they appeal to me enough. But oddly, it wasn't the title that caught my attention this one time.

This did.

"I'll tell you something, though, Clark." He's so near now that he hardly needs to speak above a murmur. He is straddling Clark's thighs, feet rooted on either side of his body, legs splayed slightly to bring him near. Clark is still gripping the back of the bench, head back and chest rising rapidly with each
breath. There isn't enough air down here, and Clark is beginning to wonder what life will be like with claustrophobia and agoraphobia when Lex speaks again.

"People will tell you that you need to conquer your fear. That you should make yourself the master of it, vanquish it and move on with your life the stronger for it." Clark is pretty sure who 'people' might be in Lex's case. He flashes
on a vision of Lionel lecturing a young Lex, and shivers. The shivers grow as Lex leans in even tighter, now only inches away from his face. "But that's bullshit, Clark. The fear never goes. It never goes away."

I was just moving email, dammit. Stupid damned good lines.

I loved this for about a ton of reasons, but the biggest is how the author gave us the world with minimal fuss and backstory. A few lines here or there to sketch the basics, leaving the rest to pure imagination. It's a wonderful way to do it if the author's good enough to pull it off, and she most definitely is.

The dissonance between Clark and Lex is perfect--they're no where near enemies, but miles and miles away from close friends. The slightest edge of an unspoken armed truce that they both know will break and break soon, but for now--for now, it's all a fragile status quo.

Fear and what comes of it. Falling and flying. How you never really can get away from what you are. This is beautifully concieved and written, and highly recommended.


Child started school. Untraumatizing and strangely surreal. I did so much laundry I think I broke a record. But the closet is clean and during my search and destroy, found a lot of shoes I apparently own.

I mean, a LOT of shoes. And strangely, all variations of brown and black, with the stinging shock of one pair of red slip ons and one pair of red velvet heels. It's bizarre. It really, really is.

Yes, red velvet heels. My aunt got them for me in some strange shopping trip. I wear them with jeans, because frankly, they--well, they're red velvet HEELS. What on earth DO they go with?

Work was scary. I won't even go into how scary, but it was scary. Also, woman was banned today for threatening my supervisor, who was oh so not amused. It would be funny if I wasn't vaguely aware disgruntled people might be bullshit ninety-nine percent of the time, but the one percent they aren't is always pretty damn destructive.

Teh guy situation is resolved messily and we're into ignoring each other completely, which is pretty much the story of my life wiht people and further evidence that I am not a people person, nor was I ever meant to be allowed a relationship with another human being.


You know you're obsessed when you start grinning while replaying various scenes from QaF in your head when clients are annoying you. I think "what would Justin do?" because frankly, I'm not entirely sure Brian's methodology of dealing would be feasible. Fun, yes, but let's face it, sex for girls requires a lot more than a quick unzip, kay? Stupid interior sex organs. Gah.

I just love the boy for his sheer ability to stalk successfully. He makes me smile a lot.

*happy place*

Been mulling, strangely enough, adding to Standing in the Common Spaces. Not for any other really good, artistic reason other than vanity, I think, and boredom. Mostly because I like writing Peter--he's kind of what I wish Clark could become eventually, though I know he never will. Plus, it'd be plotted, and the challenge would do me good.

Not that I'm doing anything but mulling. I'm pretending Word doesn't exist, at least until I finish tabulating the Treasury stuff. Which, unsurprisingly, is requiring me to use a calculator more than I'm comfortable with. I pride myself on the fact I can do most arithmetic in my head still, but when one starts getting dizzy staring at the screen, it's time to face reality and get a pad or a calculator. Stupid brain.

(story available on website, Find Me)
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