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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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moody, like a cow. see the icon? just like that.
moody cow
This is definitely one of those days that could be improved with the application of alcohol.

I am *so* in a mood. And not even for a reason! Well, to be fair, I was in a mood, and you know that thing that you do where you go over the last five or so days and think of everything that pissed you off? And make lists? And then plot elaborate revenge?

...maybe that's just me.

I am seriously considering creatively renaming all my tags, like say, sga fanfic 2006 will become Lots of Puppies Die.

It's a thought.


Sockpuppeting 101

Posted in comments in F-W:

I'll post again and mention my old sock-puppeting days. The vital thing that Msscribe seems to have forgotten is that people have memories. When I was sockpuppeting I kept a list of every attribute I had given my socks, every birthday that I had mentioned, and I made sure they all tied together. I also endeavoured to make them have different writing styles - one would use consciously more stilted and simpler vocabulary as well as making spelling mistakes etc.


There will be a quiz later to assure you have read and understood the material. During the lab practical, everyone will be expected to create and maintain at least two sockpuppets, one of which must be a male Chilean who loves Clex.

Comfort Fic Recs

Because everyone has them for days of darkness and despair and avoiding suddenly taking off on some kind of sockpuppet crusade.

101 Ways to Get Lucky (In Love) by scribblinlenore - mmm. Comfort fic. Harlequin comfort fic.

A Dangerous Desire or McKay Makes a Match by janne_d - that wins for How To Make Me Smile Sappily. Cause for serious. So. Adorable.

Pilgrim's Hands Do Touch by beadattitude - happy sounds of *touching*. And all--*flails*--hand-y. Pretty.


Falling For the First Time by sisabet, SPN. I--um. Love. And Glee. And Puppies *everywhere*. And seriously, download already. Love and puppies and glee! HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?

I--should be working on something? But instead, there will be sulking. And staring at the moinitor. And ooh. I'm going to mull my fannish existence.

(I have still not discarded the tempting process of manufacturing a viciosu flamewar with someone, floucing away, and coming back under a new name like BobLovesSheppard or something. Or AstralWife. Expect not those names, because you could find me under them. So another one. It could happen.)

(SheppardAstralWife? *uncertain*)

(Maybe SuperHarrySlut.)

(Maybe I'll just write a story all in lowercase letters and see what happens. In the second person future perfect. With wings.)

(No, I have no idea what that tag means. I just--yeah. It exists.)

ETA: I swear to God, if lj does not fix the damn problem with emailing comments, I am bringing all my porn back. Even the stuff that sucks. I WILL TYPE IN THE STUFF I WROTE WHILE I WAS FOURTEEN AND IT WILL APPEAR ON FLISTS AND PEOPLE WILL CRY CRY CRY. DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR CONSCIENCE LJ? DO YOU?)

ETA: - contributed by z_rayne in comments, and seriously, this *deserves* to be shared.

Metaquoted on LJ

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You have made this day worth living.


That was beautiful. I felt tears fill my eyes.


if you post THAT, i will make DRAWINGS for that, coz the last time, i was drawings with pencils, was when i was fourteen :D



*i doubt, LOL, off to sleep*

If you post vintage bad porn and nobody's getting comments, did you really post vintage bad porn?

Mull your fannish existence with a cinnamon stick and whole cloves. The ground stuff just makes it all muddy and sludgy.

(Of course the flip side to knowing that you're not getting comments in a timely fashion is to go to your LJ inbox and realize that you're really not getting any comments at all. The ANGST!!)

by "mull" you mean "have temper tantrums in public" right?

(Of course the flip side to knowing that you're not getting comments in a timely fashion is to go to your LJ inbox and realize that you're really not getting any comments at all. The ANGST!!)

*nods* Could cause rage blackouts, even.

Your ETA made me laugh. Then z_rayne's link made me laugh more.


You know, I'm pretty sure the stuff I wrote at 14 tops the stuff you wrote at 14, if only because I didn't actually speak English but was writing in English anyway. Yeah, I'm not sure why either. But I'm pretty sure it looks something like a babelfish translation. *g*

The link was the awesome.

*winces* Mine looks--purple. And coated with a thick layer of Mary Sue.

SO MUCH SUENESS. *cringes* You could try running yours through babelfish and see if that makes it better...

Since I'm having one of those days too -- probably more to do with trying to avoid the coffee consumption than anything else, though -- I'm going to try those recs. It's a better way to spend the day than doing actual work.

they are harlequinny! HAPPY!

They are melodramatic sappy romance with hot sex.

In other words: *exactly* what I needed this morning to make me smile again.

*smooches you for reccing them*

Awww. *blushes*

one day (ha! right!) I want to do a rec page of *nothing* but the melodramatic romance genre of fanfic in fandoms I've read. Things guaranteed to elict sheer sappy romantic joy.

It's one fo the few times I am bitter that I cannot *write* the damn things. Cause John in knee-britches actually causes swoonage.

...and I just flashed to Rodney in Louis XVII's court wearing a wig with great bitterness and hating Dr. Mesmer (of hypnosis fame) in a long running war over the King's attention.

...I am going to hell now. Just thinking of it. Gah.

I am having a hideous day already and it's only 9:30, so those recs are exactly what I need to get me through the day. Thank you for posting them.

Speaking of which, I am just dipping a toe into SPN fic having seen season 1 and I just wanted to say that your SGA/SPN crossover got me through a really depressing workday yesterday. I absolutely adored it; nothing like other people being dark and angsty to make me feel better! Today is definitely a comfortfic day though...

...okay, late response, but I'm retagging livejouranl entries for no reason and *thank you*! I'm glad you enjoyed that story. *hugs*

Well, that just made my day :-)

And I'd forgotten about the other two you recced - happy reading, yay! I shall go wallow in them now.


Is that a promise? Will you do commentaries too? *bambi eyes*

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