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this is how I panic
children of dune - leto 1
How You Know You Are Desperate

Mom started reading--*deep breath*--Somewhere I Have Never Travelled. For those playing the home game, kkpixie gave me the most awesome gift ever of a hardcover version with all the stories in the continuity in it. Yay! Except my mom saw it and wanted to borrow it and yeah, stopping now.

She is reading it!

From what I can work out between spells of hysterical amnesia, she is around that thing with th giant teddy bear, which means I have about ten or so thousand words before mamma is introduced The Big Gay Former Superhero Buttsex Thing. That's how I am thinking about it, because I can honestly state that my mother probably is not all that familiar with my chosen writing genre-thingie.

And she's seen all the Superman films but never Smallville! Hell, at least Smallville would give some--er. Something. A more atractive Lex, definitely.

Seriously. Am I--supposed to be taking this well? Honestly?

Anyway. I bought her the latest Richard Bachman/Stephen King book and shoved into her lap. She made happy dolphin sounds. I saw her reading it.

Hmm. I think this can only end in tragedy.

I am torn between symapthy and hysterical laughter.



You will both survive. Assuming she doesn't hve a heartattack.


I keep having bouts of hysterical laughter. I'ts just--gah.

Hmmm I think I accidently posted anonymously.

But the hugs, laughter, and sympathy were from me.


*grins* I wondered.

And yeah. You see why I hid "A Handful of Dust" from her?

Not to subtly put on an episode of Smallville to watch? D: Mayhaps mention 'heeeeey Michael Rosenbaum's pretty goodlooking~ :D'?

*shudders* I have no idea if that would end well or end...with me crazy.

So very crazy.

I...OK, honestly, I cannot imagine any situation where, if my Mother were alive, and thank god she isn't, that I would survive her reading anything I'd ever written. Because Mom would've had ten kinds of cows. And I know there are people who even write slash with their Moms and it makes me hyperventilate just thinking about it.

*dies* Yes. I know your pain.

I definitely think you should put "Jitters" up on the TV all quick-like. I feel your pain and want frequent updates.


...probably a good idea, at least to give context.


She could be reading, Pretty When Your Mine.....(and then maybe bugging you to finish it?)

I kept my writing hidden from my husband/family although there was no, The Big Gay Former Superhero Buttsex Thing. in it. lol
Maybe she'll appreciate the brilliant writing and storytelling. Maybe you're opening her eyes to a whole genre of reading material. Maybe....

...yeah, and then again maybe not. :)

I am going to die. Die die die.

I'd *die* if my mom ever found out exactly what it is I'm doing when I'm "wasting my life on the internet", so I feel your pain. There are some things mothers don't need to know.

Good luck?

*breathes* Thank you. I'm goign to not panic until the Bachman book is finsihed.

(Deleted comment)
I am carefully maintaining my zen. Very carefully.

at least its romantic, even if its slash!
my mother caught me reading hardcore het porn , not the harlequin kind, when i was 17.
I am suppose to be a good asian girl.
she didnt talk to me an entire week.

but you have my sympathy :D

Ahaha, I was wondering about this since you first mentioned it. I'm equal parts cringing for you and dying of curiosity.

I am sure the cringing will be--legion. So very legion.

I understand your fear and panic (I'm in fear that my mother will discover that I write under her mother's name, not to mention that I write silly, gay stories.)

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled is wonderfully written. You created something beautiful and amazing. I hope she'll be able to see that.

Hey. She could be reading Crimes Against Humanity? :D

God. Or Pretty When You're Mine. I'd have to hide for like, *years*.

*stares blankly at screen*

Man, she's never even met me and somewhere in her psyche will be, oh - that's the chick who made Batman dance with Clark after Lex cheated on him.

*sighs with you!*



Well, my mother knows what I write, but we have a mutually beneficial agreement not to discuss it. Because, well. It would be unhappy all around, I think. *g*

OTOH, onnakitty lets me read what she's written, so long as I promise to keep the Grammar Bitch reined in.

And sometimes I write things specifically for her, though I will deny with my dying breath having done so. *koff*