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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*sighs* yeah. who didn't see this coming
children of dune - leto 1
So maybe I happened to be stumbling through Barnes and Noble's DVD section for no particular reason and, dazed and confused, walked out with the first two seasons of BSG and season three Buffy (which means I am one season short of a full collection; for some reason, thsi makes me unreasonably happy when I put them on the shelf together. It's got to be some kind of bizarre collection instinct).

In my defense, I got season one because Ir ealized my mother hadn't seen it and that is why I needed it now now now.


Every time. VVC does this to me every time. I guess it's good luck I already have all the Harry Potter movies or this could end in disaster.

*eyes DVDs* They're just so *pretty*. I am wondering how much this is going to traumatize me.

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If you weren't supposed to buy the DVD set, it wouldn't have jumped off the shelf and given you a hug, would it?

I think you did the only thing you could.

You hav a *point*. It obviously was Meant To Be.

And I couldn't--you know, abandon them, you know? *nods* No, I could not.

You can't fight destiny.

It fights back DIRTY.

And all of a sudden you have three seasons of One Tree Hill sitting on your kitchen table, daring you to stop watching reality TV and give in.

Er. Hypothetically, of course.

Completed sets are EVIL.

ONLY SEASON TWO BUFFY LEFT. And those go on sale at amazon all the time! AND FARSCAPE! (since I loaned out season one of it, I need to rebuy it all).



Also-- *whimpers* deepdiscountdvd.com

My weakness is Amazon and Play.com. In the past three months, I've literally bought nine box sets (and one on the way) and about a dozen DVDS (and two on the way).

*facepalms repeatedly*

I have absolutely no willpower.

*nod* I am totally with you.

*stares at amazon*

I will not open taht webpage. I will not oepn that webpage. Until I get paid next month, that is.

I just read the start of what is going to be a fantastic SPN fic where Sam and Dean train as Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers and had to talk myself out of buying The Guardian not fifteen minutes ago. Seriously, my lack of will power astounds me sometimes. And amazon is so cheap.....

Have you watched BSG before? The first two seasons (well, the first season and half of the second) are some of the best television I've ever seen.

And Buffy! Buffy and Faith! Yay!

I have the complete collector gene too. Which demands an awful lot of shelf space in the case of Stargate.

And! deepdiscount.com is my go-to place for low price DVDs. Especially when they have their super-sale 20% off event.

Be careful. They do sometimes sell pirated stuff. If that bothers you, I mean.

Heh. I just bought 4 of the 5 Babylon 5 seasons (they were out of Season 2) at Fry's for $19 EACH. I think they have Gilmore Girls and some others at that price... ;-)

Evil. They are truly evil.

I, er, mostly lurk around here but enjoy reading your thoughts; however, one of my feeds informed me of something this morning that made me track back to let you know: Best Buy has all Buffy and Angel season sets going on sale this week for $15.99. Just in case that fit in your budget for picking up that last season.

Of course, they're probably the slimline sets, which might or might not match your other sets, but it's possible that that sort of compulsiveness is only *my* problem. :)

Maybe you'd like to traumatize yourself a little with this: :)


I don't really have the best (head shot) pix of any of my favorite guyz to "make a bear" in fact the ones I used are totally silly...

But there's lots to dance to... and we all know that endorphins are goooood.

I'm the same way, my main collection right now is Charmed. Completely obsessed! I only need the last Season which goes on sale Sept. 11 and I plan on buying it once I get another job >_<

Queer as Folk is my next stop once Charmed is completed! Along with House, just need Season 2 and 3.......I think.....My problem is I'm cheap and am always seeing who has the cheapest prices with the boxed sets.

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