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vidrec - Cuz I Can by dualbunny

I've been trying to do a single coherent rec post and con report and that's not going to happen. Basically, there will be dribbles. But I have to do this particular dribble now, before I burn out my initial reaction to it.

Link to dualbunny's VVC vid "Cuz I Can".

I had a curious reaction to the BSG vid "Cuz I Can".

I stopped short dancing at Club Vivid to watch it. I don't think I even breathed.

My disclaimer: I do not fool myself into thinking I know what I'm talking about in a critique, which is why posts like this are generally flail flail flail. I'll try for a coherent.

I have a year and a half of BSG canon and spoilers through the rest through season three. I *watched* that show for Starbuck. Yes, Lee hot, blah, but God. I loved her. And this is like this love letter I would have written to her built in images of everything she is and will be.

It's--it's breathtaking. It's quick and sharp and pulls out everything she is, from reckless and ruthless and deadly and brilliant, like a supernova, and you know you'll never see anything like that again and I just--stopped. And blinked. And wanted my con DVDs so badly I could taste it.

She's a gambler in every sense of the word, willing to just *do it* and pay for it later. And for every time that's been a mistake, there's a time that it saved her, saved her people, saved everyone.

Now I'll tell you what I got out of it, which could be so completley off track I'll embarrass myself, but I'm thinking I've come to a point in my life where embarrassing myself in public is pretty damn entertaining.

I loved everything. But I noticed the hair.

She had a lot of differnet hair lenghs, styles, cuts, and I think this vid pretty much hit all of them. From the ultra short at the beginning, the slow lengthening, straight and shoulder-lenght, long and layered, short again by a knife that she cut it with herself. I kept wanting to trace her journey through her changes in her hair and the person she was each time. It's stupid. But it's there.

Also, she's incredibly, mindbogglingly hot with mid to long hair and it freaked me out so badly, because just watching, it felt like a mask she was wearing, like she was hiding who she was even from herself. Like it softened her in a way that wasn't real, that she could almost believe and God, I am so sounding stupid. Eh. It felt--wrong. And incredibly interesting in that I don't think my problem was actually with her hair, but what I knew she'd been like while she had it like that, and the fragile shell she wore.

(i really love the possible image that this is a woman who would check her kid's diapers, hand it off to someone to change the kid real quick while she took out a few Cylon crafts, then come back in time to tell a bedtime story about how mommy killed this many cylons and it just. Yeah. Nevermind.)

Anyway. It blew my mind and I've watched it probably forty times now and sometimes just for the sake of her incredibly expressive face, the way she could smile a hundred differnet ways, and the way she looked when she wanted to win. And I keep watching to work out what made this work for me so viscerally. And so far, not figuring it out.

The song was perfect. I mean, just *perfect*. I loved how particular scenes lined up with the lyrics and think I can even tell why--I suspect watching the rest of the show would help. I loved the fact that she could be a hundred different people all at the same time.

I seriously, seriously want to marry this vid and set up housekeeping with it.

Yes. Download it now. Now now now now now.
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