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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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my rabbit bit me, and other tales of post-awesome-weekend
children of dune - leto 1
A. VVC was *amazing*, per usual. Vids were *awesome*. I'm abusing the privilege of astericks. Will hunt down the vids that premiered adn post links, because oh my GOD there was a sparkly Atlantis vid.

No, seriously. There were *sparkles*.

But for now, the one I saw while doggedly trynig to catch up on flist.

Moons of Jupiter by fan_eunice, which is a total love-fest of Doctor Ten-ness that makes me all fuzzy for Tennant.

B. ...someone really thought that it was a good idea to abuse-troll (I--can't think of another term that applies), the pro-ana communities? Seriously? I thought it was a bad joke.

You know. I went to look, just from strange, morbid curiosity. I do believe that some of the opinions expressed are truly concern for the people participating in communitites that do seem to advocate self-harm.

...but I'm just going to say, I'd be a lot more convinced of this being All About the Children Ill People if this didn't leapfrog off the entire lj suspension debacle so handily.

Worry and condemnation are, I'm sure, an excellent and full-proof way of handling this--I'm very sure if/when they get deleted off lj, every one of them, deprived of their communities, will see the light and never engage in self-destructive behavior again, instead turning to eating healthy and not flailing when the very minimal amount of support they had is taken away. Nor will they regroup elsewhere. There's no chance of that.

Look, I am all for the Great Dramatic Gesture. But somehow, I'm not seeing how reporting pro-ana to abuse will accomplish helping these people, women or men, which I saw in a terrifying amount of justification in comments. So as a humanitarian cause, it fails in concept. As a huge fuck-you to lj--well, thanks. That's what we all want, really. We want to make casualties of each other. We want to make casualities of people with an actual medical problem.

Fuck that, I'm not using we. This is not fandom and I associate with fandom but never, ever with this. I don't know why attacking vulnerable, ill, and already self-destructive people was considered a fantastic idea. I don't even care. I do understand the rage at lj--but lj isn't going to twitch for this. Lj staff, CEO's, etc, this won't even make their radar in trying to point out hypocricy. What it actually did was make me twitch, both for the women and men in those communities and for the people that sat in judgement and used other human beings in a game, using them as coldly and relentlessly as any of the so-called Moral Majority (ish) use Save the Children. It wasn't even in a quest for power, or a quest for whatever form of morality a person espouses. It was To Make a Point. A point that means nothing.

Right. Longer than I thought.

C. Fixed remaining bad HTML on And All the World Beneath. Finally. What I can't figure out is why some of it just didn't translate to *either* P or BRs in the HTML, it just ran them together. It was--twitchy.

D. I miss svmadelyn. I mean, despite the fact I'm fairly sure that she tried to smother me the other night. There's really no other reason I can think of why the pillow was over my face so many times, you know? I mean, she says I was doing that, but you know? I wonder.

E. Met some *amazing* people and had this like, ten hour conversation with lovelokest and onnakitty that felt like ten minutes and was perenially startled every time someone mentioned how late it was.

F. May I never hear the word 'manbreast' again. It looks bad in text? You wouldn't really realize that it actually sounds five hundred times more traumatizing when spoken.

G. Waffles bit me. I think he's kind of bitter I was gone. It wasn't a hard bite, and he totally played it off as an accident, but I could totally tell.

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*iz sad that apparently I am not awesome enough to be missed*

*shuns you*

*totally shuns you back*

The pro-ana thing seemed, to me, as an at least somewhat reasonable point (some of the comms have posts that violate LJ's ToS and abuse reports are not resulting in suspensions), and a request for LJ to explain why that was okay. (Note: I didn't make the comments. My strategy at this point involves not talking to these people. I lurk.) It was not a *great* point, and it was not going to be an *effective* point, but it was not *nasty*.

It very quickly turned into the ugly, vicious, vile mess it is right now, in which the vitriol is being directed at the pro-ana comms and the mentally ill people in them.

I just... these people are not fandom. I am looking at so many people these days and washing my hands of them.

The original thread at news was interesting, and I agreed with some of the points--but that sign-up freaked me out. A *lot*.

It very quickly turned into the ugly, vicious, vile mess it is right now, in which the vitriol is being directed at the pro-ana comms and the mentally ill people in them.

I just... these people are not fandom. I am looking at so many people these days and washing my hands of them.


Waffles bit me. I think he's kind of bitter I was gone. It wasn't a hard bite, and he totally played it off as an accident, but I could totally tell.

Hah. Last time my rat Ben bit me, he had been fallen asleep on me (or pretended to be) and was dreaming (yoou know the occassional twitches and such), all while he was lying on me, then suddenly startled and bit me. Then he looked up and made an adorably confused face...

*grins* They *do that*. And they know they'll be forgiven. Little manipulative bastards.

I'm still thinking about Fox Mulder's tiny vagina, and it is YOUR FAULT!!!

Replying to you know what

Honey, you rock my world. I kept trying to steal you off to come have a drink with me or something, so I'm telling you now: next year! You! Me! LARGE MARGARITAS. I'm just sayin.


I am consoling myself from post-con-slump by reading my flist.

I haven't heard anything about the thing actually going on, and it doesn't sound like it's worth looking into, but in theory, at least -- which no connection to the actual event -- I'm not sure closing down the pro-ana communities *isn't* a good idea. I'm not sure otherwise, either; you're right that it's a support group, but from what little I know of it it sounds like a support group towards being strong enough to keep going with the disorder, so it's entirely possible the bad outweighs the good? And any anorexics who have people in their lives trying to help them, this could quite possibly be a counteractive thing.

It's true that they'd probably just reform elsewhere. But that might already make it, at least, more difficult for new people to join -- smaller journal sites are probably more difficult to find at a random search.

If you (or anyone else reading this) have any interest in talking about this, I'd love to hear opinions; I'm really not sure what to think about this, and the principle of the thing, in some way or another, is something that comes up in a lot of different situations.

(The *best* solutions might have been for professionals to try and actually take part in these communities -- comment and try to make people talk -- if they could make them actually talk and listen, and not feel beseiged, which, who knows. But I whouldn't think that's too likely to happen.)

Part of it is principle, but part of it is--this isn't about them, exactly. It's about people getting pissed at lj for teh bannings and retaliating by using the pro-ana communities as a hobby horse ot make a point. But beyond that. If this had been done independently of the lj thing--if this was some random group somewhere targeting them, I'd be just as concerned but less offended. While I'm absolutely sure some people signing that petition are in it for the sake of mental health, the position was created due to a thread in news about pro-ana being acceptable while fannish mature artwork is not.

The thing is, I'm not a professional mental health care specialist. I can't go in there and read it and think I know what's going on well enough to make a judgement call. It horrifies me on a variety of levels--but I'm *not* a doctor, or a trained psychologist, or someone with the illness. So to me, it's--a *bad* idea to get them banned when I don't understand it. And I don't know that it would do any good for any member for it to disappear either; it *is* a mental illness, and snatching what tiny support system they have, no matter how much the concept of it sickens me, seems like a very bad idea.

That's the problem I'm having with this entire thing.

Re: the pro-ana thing-- Thanks. It's nice to see this actually said by people in public posts.

Um. The part where not to go after them?

*sends hugs*

Waffles only bites because he cares! *nurses gnawed-upon fingers and muses on tiny sharp cat-teeth*

hey there - we're collecting links to all the vid show here: http://community.livejournal.com/vidding/1168820.html so if you find any, please send them our way. also, if you have time to pull together the playlists for a vid show, please grab one. details here: http://community.livejournal.com/vidding/1168820.html

I opened it last night on my laptop so tonight I can search them out--a few I *think* I know the location but need to go through my bookmarks to get.

onnakitty wanted to take you home in our luggage. *g* I'm glad you had such a great time talking to her.

I await your reaction to the story I del.icio.us tagged for you. *koff*


I have no words. Your description was amazingly accurate.

*blank look*

It is like--


In less vaguely traumatizing news (that was like reading about bass fishing! HOW IS ThAT POSSIBLE?)....

*grins* I had a good time with her, too.

Yay, welcome back!

I'm ignoring all the 6A wank from now on, because all of it is making me v.v. sad.

That is a good philosophy.

*hugs back*

It was great to meet you at VVC! Sparkly vids and cute Tennant vids are definitely always good. And word on the manbreast. May I never hear or see that again.

You too!

*sends hugs*

And--God, yes. It follows me in my dreams. Or tries to. I can *hear it*.

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