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sga/spn: and all the world beneath, nc-17
children of dune - leto 1
And All the World Beneath
by jenn
Fandoms: Supernatural/Stargate: Atlantis
Codes: Dean Winchester, John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagen, Rodney McKay, Sam Winchester, AU
Rating: NC-17

Link to story

(er, for those who read this before? It's the sea one, just with a different title.)

Summary: Dean remembers Texas as blackland stretching in marker-thick strips of vivid brown and black, broken with the sprawling metroplexes of Dallas and San Antonio and Houston; farms spread with the yellow tops of maize waving in pre-autumn winds, threshers moving complacently through the fields with drowsy men in hats waving at the road. He remembers green and gold fields dotted with cows, half-year calves running on the outskirts of the herds. He remembers these were what he saw between jobs, lives being lived that had nothing to do with creeping twilight and sleeping only behind salt circles and ritual wards.

Author Notes: I have--a lot of people. samdonne issued the challenge back in January for a Dean meets John Sheppard that I couldn't--quite--get out of my head when I asked for prompts, which means I hit a record of answring four of my own prompts. My flist who pre-read and sometimes brutally critiqued (this I love you for), those who stuck around to the end and told me what they liked and what they didn't. cjandre, rheasilva, svmadelyn, eleveninches, and amireal who picked it to pieces and put it back together again. If I missed anyone, my apologies. I think pretty much everyone on my flist January through March who left such helpful and inspiring commentary seriously deserves some kind of award for watching me try to write the rough draft of a novel live.

Word Count: 67,061

ETA: there are some places separate paragraphs/dialogue--er, combined when coded. I can't access it from work, but I'll make the corrections to the HTML when I get home.

ETA:: 3/10/2014 - Link updated to AO3.



*blank look of exhaustion*

Wait. You mean.


(seriously, every time someone is all "Any good SGA/SPN fics?" I'm all "Jenn!...hasn't posted it yet. Damnit.")

I've been fighting wordpress all night, you seriously just MADE MY DAY.

*grins and hugs* I'm glad.

Ooh, wordpress. I've--heard of it.

I should be sleeping right now, but I'm reading your story instead. I love the Cthulhu mytho that you added to the story, that's my favorite part. The final fight was touching, it feels like the right ending for John.

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

(I've bene waiting *years* to use Cthulhu. Many, many years.)

I'm reading it - with glee, as I work, each paragraph a treat for having accomplished something of my boring task - and I'm noting the typos or beta stuff you did not ask me for as I go. Do you want them, or shall I hold my tongue? I know how annoying it can be to get the 'hey, mistake here' stuff before the congratulatory feedback, so I don't want to send it and catch you unawares.

I don't do this for fiction I don't love, though, that's the congratulatory part. *g* I trust you to give me a ride I'll remember a long, long time. :))

*grins* Go ahead and send them.

i'm so overwhelmed right now i just have to say thanks for writing and sharing this. hotdamn.

Thank you very much! *bounces*

SGA and SPN are my two favorite fandoms right now so when I saw you had posted this, I had to stay up and read it. I'm glad I did because this was excellent. Creepy as hell and completely riveting. The premise behind the story was intriguing: I kept wanting to read faster so I could figure out what was going on, but I also wanted to read slowly so that I could savor it. I thought your characterizations of Dean, John, Teyla, and Ronon were fantastic.

I also wasn't expecting you know what to happen at the end, so I literally shouted 'Yes!' out loud.

I really enjoyed this. Thanks!

Thank you very, very much.

To be honest, I was debating whether to use the epilogue or not. I just--prefer happy endings. *g*

Thanks again!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yaaaaay, congrats on finishing!!

God, I know. I had this horrible feeling it would be on my hard drive forever.


I'm so excited I think I might have peed a little!

*heads off to print*

I will re-read now that it's been ironed and put together in one piece, but having been lucky enough to see the story in progress... I will tell you (once more) that this is an awesome tale. Grand in scope, clever in execution, and it totally raises the bar as far as cross-overs go. And I'm very happy it's in a public place now so I can point and rec.

*eyes it* I think it's ironed. though halfway through, all the Johns because johns and completely freaked me out. I want to be home to *fix it* so much.

*hugs* Thank you very much. Theonly thing I hope for at this point is I didn't massacre the poor thing.

*laid out under desk* And it only took--*checks watch*--five months. Gah.

OKAY. YOU ATE MY DAY! Kinda like The Old Ones eat people. *finally finished*

*eyes work* Well, that didn't get done. *shrugs* Oh, who cares.

I was trusting you, duh, and I was - not amazingly - kinda right to. What a fucking ride, man. The fic wot will eat your head! SO great, omg. Kind of impossible to say how much, it just makes me flail with glee. It made me cry! It made me grin! It was WAY, WAY better than cats, and whoa, the bits Into Teh Woods are so cool. All of it. Jesus. What a fucking page turner. *plans to reread real soon, too*

I feel like I need an icon for awe, for this kind of circumstance.

*bouncy* You liked!

Got your comments--I'm going back to fix all the weird lowercase john's tonight (ask me how much that freaked me out when I saw it this morning. Outright. Panic), so I'll make those corrections as well. And you know, anything else you belatedly remmber seeing, should you see anything.


*chews nails*

*hugs you* thank you so much.

*thoughtful* Honestly, I'm surprised people are *reading* when it's this long and you know, mid-week. Thanks for posting so quickly--I've been tense about it for--er, since *March*.

♥ ♥ ♥ I have no words *LOVES*

thankyou! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

(hmm. I'll check your IP to see why you can't get to IT. If you need any other fic that's there, just email me and I'll happily email it to you. A complete index of my fic, both webpage and lj, is http://del.icio.us/indulgence_it).

(Deleted comment)
thank you!

I stressed over Dean. Watching the show isn't the smae as writing him--I think of all the characters, he got the most worrying about.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Loved every word - thank you so much.

thank you very, very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!