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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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drive by whine
children of dune - leto 1
I am *this close* to scrapping this entire percentile thing and delineating it by *pixels*.

(this refers to work website thing that I want to destroy, destroy, destroy. Er. Destroy*)

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gets it right this time...

Delineating by percent is probably going to cause more problems than it is worth in compatibility issues...

I don't like percents on websites; I uses ems instead. That way the values scale with your font size.

Shameless in my total off topicness

Notice me sneaking in on the work post where I stand out among the few, the knowledgable, the on topic.

I am the mad audiobooker who has been formatting Ces' and others' podfics into audiobook format for various readers. I come to you via Issaro for permission to do the same for her wonderful reading of "Somewhere I Have Never Travelled" at fanfic_read_by.

If perchance you're not familiar with audiobooks vs. MP3 files, they tend to be slightly smaller, play with cover art showing like a CD would, are filed by iTunes in Audiobooks rather than in Music so they don't play when you listen to or shuffle music, and they automatically bookmark so that if you stop listening, the story picks up where you left off. They are also uploaded as a single file, or in the case of SIHNT, which runs 10 1/2 hours long, probably split into two parts for ease of upload and download (each file is just under 300 MB).

If you are agreeable, I'd be happy to give you the Sendspace URL so you can approve the finished product before it goes up elsewhere; then Issaro will make the 'book available for download from her site, along with her MP3 files.

I notice more than one artist made a cover for the story (which speaks to how much fans love it). Before proceeding, do you have a preference for which piece I should use on the audiobook?

I hope you'll let me do this, and perhaps audiobook other podfics for you in the future. It's my small way of trying to give something back to fandom, which has kept me sane(ish) for over a quarter of a century now, and looks to be the only thing that will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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