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As can probably be told, I am Very Bored. So I went to write something, ended up with four pages that make no sense but are pretty and involve--well, I'm not sure. *scratches head*

So. I went through and took a page from prufrock's book and listed out my active WiPs.


In Beta, Being Edited, or Being Ignored While Complete

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled -- one day. One day I shall officialy finish and post this.

Gladly Beyond -- same holds true for this one. Damn story.

Five Very Good Reasons Not to Date Luthors - seen in LJ. Sits on my hard drive and I keep forgetting about it. Gah.

Four Places -- needs editing, then posting.

Only Human -- there's just something wrong with it and until I know what, this sucker will not see the light of day.


Active-Active, or, things I have worked on in the last two weeks

ClexBizarreBrothersFic - snippets of it have been posted here. It's bizarre. They're brothers. And considering schmevil was getting vaguely uncomfortable with the subject matter, I'm beginning to wonder if I need to take a step back from it. I don't know. Hmm. The pure glee I get out of seriously fucking with these characters COULD be blinding me to that elusive thing known as good taste.

Rising -- Somewhere prequel. It mocks me a lot. Like I think I can write redemptionfic. Bah, I say! But. Well. Hmm.

Arkhamfic -- cowrite with devinmoonshine, it moves apace and nicely. We're pleased. And kinda creeped. All par for the course.

A Separate Peace -- you know, part three is being bratty.

Two Paths #6 -- same with this one.

Pretty When You're Mine -- hooker!Clark AU. It's growing nicely. I'd like it more if they'd just fall into bed already and save me some stess, but they just--do that thing. With the looks. And the confusion. And the--you know, that thing they do.

Threaded Through It All -- it's--you ever get just the image and concept of a single scene and you know, it's probably an unimportant scene, but it just. Takes over? I wrote it out to flush it, and instead, now wonder what I can do with it. If I even want to. Hmm.

Untitled Cowrite with tstar78 -- chica, send me the text someday.... *significant look*

Last Men -- I actually reopened this to work on recently, since I'd brought it up in chat that it was part of the graveyard in my harddrive of Really Cool Ideas That Didn't Gel. I think the problem is the scope--I work on a short-term canvas, and Last Men in current form is Very Damn Long Term. But well. Invading aliens? Seriously, this is FUN stuff. Mmmm.

Must mull.

And God, I wish I'd got some Cadbury Creme Eggs. Must find way to assault small children for them tomorrow.
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