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The Toybox

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wombat city
children of dune - leto 1
Poll #1034926 Yes. I am *that* bored

So the next Room story--whose pov?

Rodney - possible slap fight between Rodney and Candace!
Teyla - could worriedly try to talk to Rodney about his feelings!
John - I--have no idea how he'll deal with this other than trying to electrocute Rodney thinking he's possessed by a very kind goa'uld!
...are you seriously *polling on this*? Really? See comments.

In closing--yes. I should get out more.

I've decided I need to work my way up to getting a pony. So for now, I would like a wombat. A happy wombat.

ETA: John? Really?

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I don't really care about the POV, I just want Rodney lighting into Candace. *snert*

Cookies... *bribes*

The cracktasticness of Rodney ripping Candace a new one for ruining John's life over their meaningless affair, with much WTFery on the part of both Candace and John = comedy gold!

ETA: John? Really?

I think it was the "trying to electrocute Rodney thinking he's possessed by a very kind goa'uld!" thing. *g*

*grins* It *would* be funny.

Slap fight = teh Awesome.

John will get into a lot of trouble electrocuting McKay! I mean, even more than usual! He will be spoken to very sharply by General Landry and Elizabeth will make sad, disappointed eyes at him, then hit him over the knuckles with her ruler.

A slap fight between Rodney and Candace from John's puzzled POV.

I see I'm in the minority here, but I thought I'd like to see how you handle the "want to talk about it?" situation.
And here - I figured there's no happier wombat than a sleeping wombat. I mean, were I a wombat.
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Oh my, they really did have a Happy Wombat Day.

I think you should write John electrocuting Rodney. :D

All of the above, please! *iz greedy*

I can only have one clicky? But, but... I want to read all of those! First Teyla can have a worried talk, then Rodney can have his slap fight, and then John can electrocute him...

*is greedy too*

I now have an image of an incredibly paranoid John trying to explain his suspicions to the rest of the SGC and them all acting like he's gone loopy...until they see McKay being nicer to John than he ever has been to anyone, giving him the last cup of coffee in the mess, voluntarily watching Back to the Future, etc. Sam zats him, and Jack and Daniel back her up. Rodney wakes up tied to a bed in the infirmary with everyone giving him deeply suspicious looks and Dr. Lam running every diagnostic test she can think of. Ronon just sits back and thinks, "Payback."

Yes, John! Because I can't imagine what this whole thing looks like from his POV, and I want to know.

Err. I haven't actually commented on the story, have I? Sorry about that, I'm horribly lazy about feedback at the moment, but I'm enjoying the story like you wouldn't believe.

Well if I'd've been here earlier I would totally have backed you up on the wanting to write John pov but it was a wildly unnecessary poll - and you know it!
*Waits for you to put it up.*

I dunno. With the whole 3-1 for John having any sort of clue at all... maybe I'm wrong, but I'm thinking almost nothing is funnier than John wandering around in his normal oblivious state-- except, Rodney and anyone capable of giving as good as they get (gawd, Candace?) in a verbal slap down-- dude. It's a no brainer, ain't it?


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