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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the time has come to speak of many things....
children of dune - leto 1
To move into a more fannish, less trauma space (though I note that despite the deeply personal and moving responses from livejournal promising some kind of word last night, there was in fact no word of any kind)--I really want a new layout for my webpage.

(If this is not the coolest, coolest, coolest thing in the history of ever, I will--wonder what is coolest.)

The problem is, of course, my webpage is--kind of. Well. I don't do a lot *there*. It's more a fic repository. An archive--ish thing, if you will. It is functional and officially works in most browsers, is fairly easy to read, and is not stressing to update. I can, literally, update that baby in my sleep. To be fair, I was in a time period where my three priorites were:

A.) can update in sleep.
B.) do not have to learn Adobe Photoshop again for pictures.
C.) will not traumatize a dial-up modem (which I had at the time).

But it is not pretty.

Now, this is where things get tricky.

Historically, when I feel vaguely motivated to do a whole bunch of updates and changes, I make it--er. Unreadable. Or I crash it. Or I end up taking it back to notetab and stripping all the HTML out to redo it again into something easy. Or I go through a semi-goth black-background/grey-text/cream link phase. Please, in the name of God, do not ask what was up with that. I was doing that shit with frames. Though it *was* pretty. It was also kind of like some kind of come-down from an acid trip, too.

But *pretty*.


I really want to do a three-column for everything but the actual stories. Except--I have no idea what to do with that third column. Maybe random red boxes for no particular reason?

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You could totally use the third column for your ON NOTICE board.


But I don't have a--


*makes note*

Random pictures of John's body parts would be ... riveting...

...yes. Yes, it would.


though I note that despite the deeply personal and moving responses from livejournal promising some kind of word last night, there was in fact no word of any kind

Don't you think this is representative of their business practices? A sort of metaphor for their many policy reversals?

I wish I knew enough about the guts of websites to help with your design musings.

I wish I knew enough about it. *sighs*

And yeah, it kind of is representative. *sighs*

I like efiction, honestly; it lets you play around with designs without having to recode page after page of fic. Which, since you're about as prolific as me, is a big deal :)

But. There could be pretty pictures of John and Rodney in the third column?

efiction rules! I installed that on my server and I'm not prolific. Makes updating so much easier...

Any hints on making skins???

Skins I can't do; I suck at visuals and have to beg people for assistance ther,e but there are those who can and do help, so :)

(Deleted comment)
You can add feeds of bsaically anything as your third column, or you can show random images with some easy-to-grab-from-the-internet Javascript, or put your latest updates/news there, or... really, whatever you want! Just make sure your whitespace is big enough and the styling of the third column is sufficiently different that the text doesn't run into the main column, hate that.

Yeah, I'm just not sure *what* would be intersting to put there and not be--you know, too busy for a private site, so to speak.

Websites...oh my god...*groans*

Seriously, I've been working on a site for over a year now and have got no closer to uploading or going live with it.

You might be able to add things you recently tagged on del.icio.us to the third column.

I must admit, that if done well, I really like the light text on dark background. But it doesn't really work if you do #000000 and #fffff, or whatever.

...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHAME ON YOU. Now I'm looking at all the other goodies and JOYPANCAKES I could totally implement that in my own website and ooooooh, that other one would work great in that team-art website I coded for my buddies and the OH OH OH THAT'S PERFECT for...I need to stop. ._.

.....not sure what she uses, but I think astolat's website is the best ever, in terms of searchability and ease of use for fans. http://www.intimations.org/fanfic/

I have no idea what to do with that third column.


er, sorry. Tired.

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