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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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raise your hands? who has a bet on this happening?
children of dune - leto 1
Thanks to beanie_j for the link.

Brad flees, flees, flees to less frighteningly incompetent pastures. Though I wanted to do a Titanic comparison, really, that's so overdone. Let's think--oh. Pompeii. With the falling ash of death.

Okay, I have never been one of those "i want to marry brad people" (though I did see a picture of him today--he's fairly hot. Huh.), but....

Think he might take us with him?

Or let us buy Livejournal ourselves? I have to say--seeing the current administration--I cannot see how we could do much worse.

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Or maybe a "Dear Brad, make us a site, we'll pay you! It'll be fun for you, no really!" letter.

We could offer muffins! Weekly! fresh baked!

There's *30,000* of us! He'd never have to cook again.

...hopefully no one would think to send a smutbasket.

I mean, you know I love Our People. But I'd have to bet that someone would in fact, send a smutbasket. *sad*

I apologize. I forget my fannish history sometimes. Smutbox. Smutbox.

*sighs* Yes. Yes, they would.

I honestly wasn't surprised to hear this SV (that's Silicon Valley) gossip, since I think its been a long time coming. From the things I've heard, Brad was never really interested in the administrative 'people' side of LJ - like dealing with this that is going down now. He's more about the coding and maintaining. I think he only sold Danga to 6A to relieve himself of some of the responsibilities of the day-to-day running of LJ.

I think it's pretty bad timing for this to be coming out. I want to be angry and say something about rats and sinking ships, however I don't think this is the case. I don't think it's some kind of snap decision based on recent events more this was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. it must be torture to think you are selling your creation into the hands of competent people, only to watch said company slowly destroy it piece by piece.

Personally, I wish him luck. Hopefully he finds what he's looking for with Google, and who knows, maybe they'll come up with some better community blogging software than is currently on offer as a result of him joining them.

And god, yes. I wish I could by LJ. We couldn't possibly make it worse at this point.

*koff* no underscore hun...


And pretty much agreed.

I honestly cannot think how we *could* make it worse. Though granted, even if it was worse? I think we'd have more fun at it.

*eyes lj*

Danke! =)

Well, we'd communicate with the people, so that would be one improvement for a start. Second, We'd clarify our TOS straight away. I think we're winning already. :oD

And yeah, at least we'd have fun killing it...

That's about my feeling-- though I do get a strong sense of "OMG BOOOORED" which isn't neccessarily pleasing, but I get where it's coming from *knows a couple of code monkeys herself*.

I think that his leaving was set for a while and then this happened and then 6A said "OMG TELL NO ONE" and well, it all just sort of makes me laugh hysterically because it's just-- perfect timing in general.

I totally get where it's coming from. Nothing worse than being bored with your work. At my last job I was hired as a SAP specialist and spent the first three months as an over-qualified data entry clerk...*yawn*

I definitely think this has been going on for some time. Just makes me laugh that it happens when LJ are really up shit creek and in need of a paddle.

Oh so unsurprised. Can't blame him, really.

LOL! I just read that link too!! I'm not surprised that Brad is leaving. He hasn't really been a presence on LJ more than a year and a half I think. Maybe this means we should all move to Google blogs or something since we know Google will fight for their customers (e.g. Google fighting U.S. over data)

I'd rather sell my mortal soul than move to Blogger...which is their blogging system...

Maybe the great and wonderful Google can buy LJ from 6A...

*shudder* I agree with you. Blogger is... definitely not what I'm looking for in a journaling site... But if they can create something like LJ that'd be great... and they can, now that they have Brad! I don't want Google buying LJ cause seriously. 6A does not deserve the $$. I hope 6A dies a horrible flaming death. In a ditch. Covered in petrol!

My only motivation in having Google buy LJ is keeping my blog and it being on a service run by people who aren't complete and utter morons.

If 6A have to get money to do that, fine. Ultimately, their crap customer service will kill the company. Let it be after LJ isn't in their hands anymore.

Heh, maybe 6A will dig themselves so deep in crap from this PR nightmare they'll have to do a fire sale and get rid of LJ and perhaps (hopefully) sell it to Google. Yeah. I can live with that XD

brad's post on why he's leaving.

I cannot see how we could do much worse.

That's the kind of thing people in a horror movie say right before the guy with the scythe rises from his so-called fiery grave and strikes. *g*

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