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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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randomly, on Monday
children of dune - leto 1
I know, intellectually, that this is not the normal way to handle these--er, issues, with news.


Not Work Safe. Unless you live in Ancient Greece. Really Ancient Greece.

Maximum reached
Maximum reached
Maximum reached
Maximum reached
2433 and counting

And the last on that page had four hundred something before the--protesters gravitated.

I--does 6A really think they'll get bored? I mean, sure they will--but you know, I'm not sure that will happen too soon. And honestly, it's the internet. There is a lot of porn art out there.

Also, we are about four entries away from hitting Strikethrough 2007: The Earlier Version's already maxed entries.


You know, I could be wrong about this not being the best way to handle it. As protests go, I think Gandhi would approve. He always struck me as having a sense of humor.

But--hmm. It's not like we have other options *other* than moving, and I'll be honest with myself--one, I don't want to, and two, even if I did, there is no where that can accomodate all of us. Livejournal got to the place it's in because it crept into millions and it still had problems. Its' not that I'm not willing to--hell, if we have to, we can create our own mailing lists that *aren't* on yahoogroups (at least, it will be a *lot cheaper* to run a mailing list off a server than an entire livejournal thingie).

(Yes, I'm reading on the fan-run blog stuff being talked about/beta'ed around livejournal. I'm still thinking on that.)

For the Record

I--may be the only person on earth who thinks burr86 was totally out of line and yet feel really sorry for him. This is something I would do. I mean, by total accident. Wander into this room, sit down with some people, think, God, my day sucks, make a mocking statement about the customers to blow off steam, then realize you are talking to the customers!!!!! And since he has possibly the worst human relations skills I have ever seen, we can't be too surprised he's--not human relating.

Granted, this room is virtual and he's being incredibly--some word. I don't have a word. But I'm not sure he meant to, you know, actually swipe publicly at us where we could see it. Speaking from sad experience with lj staff now, I'm kind of convinced now that there is some kind of disconnect. It's kind of like--okay. I erased the comparison for being insulting. To what species, I won't say.

*rubs forehead*


All fic is privatized on lj that has anyone doing anything below age eighteen and I cleared the links in memories as well.

Now I kind of want to redesign my website. *mulls* Anyone have any theme ideas? I just--fine, I admit it--I really want to try out my new understanding of div codes.


Awesome post on the burr86 thing by gmth (link courtesy of trobadora)

But all that aside, I have to ask you something: Do you GET IT now? Do you see how easily fiction gets conflated with reality?

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When I redesigned my website using CSS, I cannibalized a pre-existing template. If you google, it's pretty easy to find a few design sites.

I have this horrible, sick impulse to do it all by myself. With no help!

...you see how this is going to end in insanity, right?

...yes, goign to surf right now and see what's around that won't cause insanity.

Mine nearly ended in insanity, even with the template. And there were a couple of pages that wouldn't look the way I wanted without using tables, so I gave up and used tables. I fail.

I am reminded, though, that lim posted a template as well. I think she announced it in sga_noticeboard a while ago. And that one's designed specifically for fanwork.

I actually agree with you on Bur - he said something stupid. Really, painfully stupid. But I get his frustrations, and I get why he thought "omg chance to unload".

So. I feel sorry for him. I think he really, really needs to hire a pr person that knows what they're doing, but I don't think he meant to be a jackass. Just someone caught in a bad situation.

I agree- it was both horribly stupid and yet a little bit funny at the same time.

Have you read Gina's excellent post about the burr86 fiasco?

Jenn, you're not the only one. I actually had to laugh when I read the comment even as I was cringing. And Dora, thanks for the link. It's indeed an excellent post, esp: Do you GET IT now? Do you see how easily fiction gets conflated with reality?

I laughed too - and I really don't think this is as bad as it looks. I mean, yes, major foot-in-mouth moment, but not really OMG LJ REVEALS ITS TRUE FEELINGS. We all like to bitch on occasion - most of us just have the sense not to do it where the people being bitched about can see it!

I read some of the comments at the firefox.org article and was a bit perturbed at the 'fire the evil guy' responses. Major foot in mouth; unlike Alanis, definitely ironic; but not all the evil of LJ revealed... *shrugs*

I can't blame people for being paranoid under the circumstances, but yeah, it really doesn't help. *sighs*

Read and linked! Thanks very much!

Thanks for linking! It certainly deserves to be widely read.

I think the only way burr86 could have put his foot further into his mouth is if he'd posted to customers_suck. And yeah, I kind of feel sorry for him, too, because wow, what a shitstorm.

You know, I think I might kind of love it if he posted to customers_suck.

Cause srsly? We SO suck right now. Not that they don't completely deserve it. *G*

burr86 needs to stop posting anything on the topic. he's managed to screw up nearly every single thing he has tried to say. between his wonky interpretation of what the lj lawyers were saying about obscenity, and his making fun of fans in their own journal comments, he just needs to shut up and let someone else deal with this from now on. there is no reason he has to feel responsible for explaining this stuff to the users. it is not his job. if he had not tried to sound responsible for these things in the first place, he could have been as snarky as he wanted, and gotten away with it.

i found the 'at least six' comment pretty amusing. i find burr86's incredibly poor judgment to be even more amusing.

I thought the guy's comment was funny, ill-advised, but funny.

In my opinion, it shows some of LJ's employees still feel they are part of a small, we're-all-part-of-the-LJ-family- kind of company and not a real money-making-Rupert Murdoch-style company.

If you look at it that way it's maybe not so much about "insulting the customer" as poking fun at "the easily riled family member".

Of course, totally unprofessional, but he's acting as if he's part of the LJ community. It was feared that when LJ was taken over by SixApart, it would become a product and would cease to be a community.
(Link interesting to re-read in light of current events)

In LJ I prefer a personal, inappropriate, unprofessional comment over an impersonal lawsuit or banning to be honest.

(This is not a defense of LJ/SA's recent actions, merely a comment on burr86's comment.

I don't get it, why are people spamming the news posts with random pictures? Obscene pictures I could kind of understand, but the random example pages I looked at had annoyingly cute pandas and such?

The best part about that is how the very first comments are totally backstabbing insiders bearing grudges. I… find it amusing.

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