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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sadly, i could not find a mood for bitter
So I give up. I'm privatizing some of my smallville fic and a few others.

this feels like quitting which it isCollapse )

I want this not to be a *problem*. I just can't quite conceptualize how fan fiction is more dangerous than the Barnes and Noble romance section.


Privatized these--if they are on my website, I have the alternates beneath the cut, in case you were linking to here.

removed fictionCollapse )

I'll update here with any further removals.

God. It's so *stupid*. I'm getting freakishly emotional about this. I keep having to stop and think it's really not a big deal. Except for some reason right now, it feels like a big deal.

Thank you for making me realize that I'd feel safer if I put all of my fic and all entries that talked about fic under private lock.

I've gotten pretty emotional about this too, even though my rational mind is for the locking. I keep crying. I feel like they won, and I've lost. All my fic is on my site, for god's sake, but... they won. Dammit.

But we'll get through this. We *will*. *hugs*

My day today has been spent starting at the beginning of my LJ and pulling fic off and replacing it with links to the same stories on my new eFiction archive. That way I keep all the comments, and people's links don't break, but I have everything offsite. I have two years left to go, most of it my really prolific SGA stint.

svmadelyn: if you're gonna get deleted for something
svmadelyn: by god, let it be hooker fic.

*tilts head* I understand your reluctance... but she's right, that would be a tiny bit awesome :D

Pretty When You're Mine

*is taunted*

I forgot it was a work in progress! *whine* Yeah, I know whining doesn't work. I'm pathetic - that was such a great story, and I can kinda see my way to my ending from where you left off, it's just that I know from long experience, that my endings always lack amazement power.

And now, I'm gonna read the next one, and the next, and the next, because, Jenn, you rock like an amazing rocking thing.

Yeah, I'm profound like that.