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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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sadly, i could not find a mood for bitter
So I give up. I'm privatizing some of my smallville fic and a few others.

So I'm kind of in that fugue state of teary-eyed while privatizing about half my sv stuff. I think HookerClark pretty much *defines* the concept of underaged sex, and he's pretty damn underaged. Though svmadelyn was rather philosophical about it.

svmadelyn: you know what? Chance it.
svmadelyn: if you're gonna get deleted for something
svmadelyn: by god, let it be hooker fic.
seperis: *chokes*
seperis: Okay, tired of doing this.
svmadelyn: come on. it'd be the best ever. Jenn got deleted for SV hooker fic. Karma caught up for never healing Clark's hookery pain.

I removed the Teacher's Pet AUish thingie and some of Looking Glass, though in the case of that fic and Hooker Clark, I can't find all the pieces since I didn't finish tagging them.

I should--and likely will--go through and start reading backward to see if I missed any fic on the main tags. When I reorganized, I think I got most of it, but I'm not betting on it.

Oddly, the more I have to open, private, tag private, and close, the less sympathy I suddenly feel for LJ. I just--some of the entries had recs, and daily life, and bits of fannish history, and I really, really want to kick something. Or maybe I'm just overly emotional due to my headache.

I am amused to see news is going to soon have no place left to comment. I had no idea there was *that* much Greek art.

I want this not to be a *problem*. I just can't quite conceptualize how fan fiction is more dangerous than the Barnes and Noble romance section.


Privatized these--if they are on my website, I have the alternates beneath the cut, in case you were linking to here.

Find Me, Smallville

Looking Glass, Smallville
(Okay, I cannot find some of the parts. Madelyn went through, I went through. It was posted fully to my webpage in July 2004. But I cannot find any of the other parts. If you happened to link to my lj's parts, please post the links? Thanks.

Pretty When You're Mine, Smallville

Quartered: Subversion in Four Movements, Smallville

Softer Than the Rain, Smallville

Untitled Two Paths Fic, Smallville
I don't have this one on my website. I'll put it up in a few days when I find the original document.

Show, Smallville

Stories Out of Childhood, Queer as Folk

DVD Commentary for Stories Out of Childhood, Queer as Folk

This Is How, Harry Potter

Teachers Pet AU (Underage Thingie), Stargate Atlantis

All memories in Lj of these fic have been removed as well.

I'll update here with any further removals.

God. It's so *stupid*. I'm getting freakishly emotional about this. I keep having to stop and think it's really not a big deal. Except for some reason right now, it feels like a big deal.

I've spent half of today throwing up eFiction on my hosting to have somewhere to put my fic so it is not at risk of the LJ axe. What pisses me off is I can't put all the feedback I've got there too.

What small amount of sympathy for LJ I had evaporated with Abe Hassan's poor form...

I can't even talk about this on my journal, since the last time I gave LJ a big slagging on there, Anil Dash appeared to add his $0.02...

Did you get ljbackup already? I'm using it pretty much every week to backup and it really works well.

*sends hugs*

Jesus, they came to your LJ????

You know, if Clark Kent as portrayed in the first season of Smallville is supposed to be underaged - I just don't have words. Remember the cover of Entertainment Weekly where Welling "looked like trade" in the words of some columnist?

The complete disconnect with ACTUAL COMMERCIAL MEDIA, which constantly sexualizes teenagers, is one of the things that makes this so difficult for me to comprehend.

I spent half an hour in the car this afternoon ranting to my sister about the disconnect of a culture that uses sex to self everything, and packages the "perfect" partner (at least the perfect female partner) as 20-looking-like-15. Usually by using actual 15 year olds. And while I'm an old fart, it does seem to me that the same phenomena is starting to kick in with males. Right now it's nobody over 28, looking like 23-25.

Yet the same society is kicking and screaming about preserving the innocence of children (including teens) and trying to shield them from any knowledge about sex. Does not compute.

Sorry. Exiting rant mode now.

Actually, I think you can type your own mood in. Otherwise I would never have a found a mood for querelous.

LJ News is now out of space for comments.

I starting linking to stories off-site. (Wow, what a pain in the ass.) That way I can keep the rest of the content intact.


*nods* Good idea. I lost some content on soem of the fic, because I mixed fic and daily life. It's--annoying.

*sends hugs*

Because I have been up way, way, way to long at this point. I couldn't find their bitter, but I give you Sam Adams Black Lager. *looks up at icon*

*smiles* that is a cool icon, chica.

*hugs hard* Perfect for my mood!

I was so busy fixing up my greatestjournal site I completely forgot to get my sga fics posted to my website.

and yes, I completely agree with you. I have a hard time seeing something as wrong when you can buy books in store with some pretty graphic content. And yeah romance novels frequently featured 16 and 17 year old women having sex with men in their 30s..hell they even had cover art! (though honestly the women didn't look like 17 year olds...but still it was kind of implied in the book that the women were underage.

*nods* Yes, exactly. *especially* the romance novels.

fyi, the point's been made that if underage fic is hosted off of LJ, they can't say much about a post having a link to that fic.

Which isn't to say that they wouldn't, but it should be safe. Safer.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing. With my single lonely semi-underage NC-17 fic.

I'm sorry. And I swear, I'm thinking of writing underage porn and posting it in protest. It's all just so... *flails* I don't really have a word. Stupid and moronic and fucking insane don't really cover it.

We're gonna back up all three years of milliways_bar and advising players to back up individual play journals. I'm dead positive that there's underage stuff between the young superheroes somewhere, and I'll be damned if I'm going back through 66,870 entries with 2,900,000 comments( D: D: D: ) to find it all. much less seek out a bunch of people who don't play anymore to get their permission to screen.


This seems as good a time as any to say 'hi', and acknowledge that you write really awesome SV fic -- which is to say I just discovered 'Pretty when you're mine' er yesterday.

Ah, timing.

*adds voice to grimmhill's rant*
And hugs both Pretty and Looking Glass to my chest very tightly. SV is pretty much the only underage I read. Which - on reflection - has a lot to do with the fact that your (U.S.) typical 15/16 year old has - from 90210 through Roswell and SV been played by men in (at least) their early 20s.

So, right, with the first iteration of Strikethrough I was able to watch with a detached disapproval of the censorship whilst remaining reasonably secure about my own LJ activities. And then a week or two back I finally got around to sticking some of my stuff up at The Archive at the End of the Universe and the Doctor Who and LotR was fine and then I got to my X-Men fic. And was suddenly so very fucking glad that I quit writing in that universe shortly before I discovered LJ, because between the underaged stuff and the DubCon -- well, suddenly the threat started hitting very fucking close to home.

And I'm not really worried about losing my fic journal, and if I did at least I still have text files of every piece I have up there (as well as the stories themselves being up at a few archives and even my own fic domain). I'd lose my commented feedback, though. And I'd be seriously hacked for losing the account. But, gah. It's just because I've made such an effort to keep my fic journal unfindable from my main one -- had I been posting fic in my own journal, I'd be really nervous.

*pets you a lot*

And aw, man, I really loved that Teacher's Pet AU

(Deleted comment)
I've had the same reaction. I've read more SV and Hogwarts-era HP in the last few days . . .