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So I give up. I'm privatizing some of my smallville fic and a few others.

So I'm kind of in that fugue state of teary-eyed while privatizing about half my sv stuff. I think HookerClark pretty much *defines* the concept of underaged sex, and he's pretty damn underaged. Though svmadelyn was rather philosophical about it.

svmadelyn: you know what? Chance it.
svmadelyn: if you're gonna get deleted for something
svmadelyn: by god, let it be hooker fic.
seperis: *chokes*
seperis: Okay, tired of doing this.
svmadelyn: come on. it'd be the best ever. Jenn got deleted for SV hooker fic. Karma caught up for never healing Clark's hookery pain.

I removed the Teacher's Pet AUish thingie and some of Looking Glass, though in the case of that fic and Hooker Clark, I can't find all the pieces since I didn't finish tagging them.

I should--and likely will--go through and start reading backward to see if I missed any fic on the main tags. When I reorganized, I think I got most of it, but I'm not betting on it.

Oddly, the more I have to open, private, tag private, and close, the less sympathy I suddenly feel for LJ. I just--some of the entries had recs, and daily life, and bits of fannish history, and I really, really want to kick something. Or maybe I'm just overly emotional due to my headache.

I am amused to see news is going to soon have no place left to comment. I had no idea there was *that* much Greek art.

I want this not to be a *problem*. I just can't quite conceptualize how fan fiction is more dangerous than the Barnes and Noble romance section.


Privatized these--if they are on my website, I have the alternates beneath the cut, in case you were linking to here.

Find Me, Smallville

Looking Glass, Smallville
(Okay, I cannot find some of the parts. Madelyn went through, I went through. It was posted fully to my webpage in July 2004. But I cannot find any of the other parts. If you happened to link to my lj's parts, please post the links? Thanks.

Pretty When You're Mine, Smallville

Quartered: Subversion in Four Movements, Smallville

Softer Than the Rain, Smallville

Untitled Two Paths Fic, Smallville
I don't have this one on my website. I'll put it up in a few days when I find the original document.

Show, Smallville

Stories Out of Childhood, Queer as Folk

DVD Commentary for Stories Out of Childhood, Queer as Folk

This Is How, Harry Potter

Teachers Pet AU (Underage Thingie), Stargate Atlantis

All memories in Lj of these fic have been removed as well.

I'll update here with any further removals.

God. It's so *stupid*. I'm getting freakishly emotional about this. I keep having to stop and think it's really not a big deal. Except for some reason right now, it feels like a big deal.
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