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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Er, for the record....

If you are suddenly receiving an answer from feedback two years ago? Yeah. I went to answer one today and--well. There are others there. Waiting. Er, I'm sorry?

Yeah. *facepalm* No idea what's up with that. I'm feeling vaguely I should go through every fic I posted and see if there's--y'know, more out there.

...God. How could I miss *this many*?

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You wouldn't believe how many comments I found in my journal that I'd not replied to when I was purging the crap earlier this year.

As to my fic journal, since I don't get that much feedback in the first place, I don't often venture that way. But the last time I did, I found a couple of comments I'd not replied to I felt bad about...

I--some of them are like, accidental skip. But on one or two, it's like, half a page or so. I seriouslycannot remember *how* that happened.


A month or so ago I found a fic I'd written ages ago, where I had not replied to any comments. I briefly thought about replying to them, then I scurried away in embarassment, and managed to totally forget which fic it was and where it was posted so I never have to face my bad manners again.

*dies* That was probablyo my logic. I just--can't see how I *missed* some of these.


*points to our cowritten fic that you forget about everyon 3 months or so*

you are serious about this?

i mean, are you really serious?
that you always have planned or plan to reply to every feedback you ever got?

Re: you are serious about this?

Of course. I just--sometimes forget or get distrated.

*stares* I'm finishing 2005 today. Somehow.

LOL, ok, now i am *sure*

i just read your newest post about your feedback-tick.

coz no way, you would not replied to my back then to my, from 2005, two word pages long email -- feedback is probably the wrong word, rather..--praise, for your clex somewhere-verse XD

i always thought, well, you have lots of fics, you are in lots of fandoms, so you will have lots of emails, but now... you probably, maybe never received my email :D

Re: LOL, ok, now i am *sure*

...two pages?

Oh hell yes I would ahve responded to that. It would have *haunted me* in my inbox. Was it email or comment? Where?

and it must be around 2005, coz it was before my time with gmail, otherwise i could find it and resend it to you.
i remember it was send with my previous webmailer , that just gave me 12!MB of storage space, to your gateway address.
12 MB is like, what i have now in half a day in my gmail *g*.

when i am home, on my own laptop, i will try to dig it up.
i know, i wrote it in a word .doc file, and saved it somewhere, before i c&p it to the mailform for sending ;D

*is suddenly paranoid*

I discovered a fic last week that had five unanswered comments (all correlating to LJ notification crashes). Now I wonder if I should check all the others. /o\

I was *freaked* when I found like, a *page* in teh middle not answered on Midwinter. I'm girding myself for that one. I--skipped a *page*. Just right by it. *No* clue how that happened.

*stares* 2005 today. Will finish.

(Deleted comment)
*facepalm* I don't--I can see missing one or two or so? But God. There's a couple with like, a *page*. A page. I keep hoping I'll find someting in my lj like "Had sudden bout of amnesia or something." *sad* So far, not so much.

*grin* well, I'm glad it was useful. Though I'm suspecting people are going ot get some of these and stare blankly for a *long* time wondeing wtf.

Thank god - I was beginning to panic - I kept getting error messages
I should go through every fic I posted

But but if you did that you'd have no time to write more...

It's kind of embarassing. *blank look at page* I *skipped things*. And I can't even figure out why. Gah.

Well you know there was the writing of new fic, or - oh yeah - the writing of even newer fic...

*pokes LJ* But the fact that you want to reply to every fic comment makes me smile. :)

*snickers* I will feel accommplished if I can get through 2005 and feel less horrifically guilty.

*cackles* I know! Sometimes I let feedback sit for a bit, and then suddenly WHOOPS THREE YEARS LATER.

*facepalm* It's just--yeah. I'm htinking that has to be what happened. Gah.

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