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tables hate me.
children of dune - leto 1
Help. Help. Help. Help.

Okay, in the DVD Commentary Author Sign-Up, there are these *HUGE WHITE SPACES* between the tables. No idea why. Plz to be helping. Plz.


It wasn't doing this until I added the last ten people or so.

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Acknowleding I use the John Sheppard Technical Manual...

I had this happen once; I had been posting in rich and it effed it up.

I reposted with html setting, worked better.

Mind you, I deleted the post, so I can't go back and figure out what the problem was, except I think the coding that goes with tables effs up with the coding for the RT interface.


Re: Acknowleding I use the John Sheppard Technical Manual...


hm, I r not expert, but it looks like it didn't add < table > to start a new table for any of them after the first one. So it closed the previous table with </ table>, but I'm not sure if you need < table > to start a new one properly...

Having glanced at the source file, and not being certain what additional editing LJ's auto system did to your original tables, I would recommend making sure there is a < table > at the beginning of each one, and a </ table > at the end of each one. This is the old safe way of doing things that ignores the existence of xhtml's classy alleged ease, but is trustworthy.

Also, you have several broken links in your tables.

That code is so bad it makes me want to cry...that was the work of the RichText Editor...or Office, right?

When I see span tags, it makes me run for the hills...

I actually do see the < table > tags with each author block, but there seems to be extra paragraph breaks mixed in the html.

For 0-E authors, there's one paragraph break before and after that line so the table after it looks fine. For the next author set, there's two paragraph breaks before and after the F-K author line.

Then there's two paragraph breaks before and after the L-R line, two after the < table > tag and one more after the < tr > tag. Same for S-Z.

Also, the table ends at H to begin again at I; at least, the coding is there even if there isn't the author line... so it may be extra code?

I'm not sure if there's anything else causing the extra lines. Hope this helps.

The problem is that you've got extra line breaks (<br />) between the table rows. My guess is that this is a screwup between rich-text and auto-formatting. It'll probably get worse every time you edit it.

If you edit it using raw html instead of the rich text editor, and uncheck the auto-formatting option, that may fix the problem. You'll just need to throw <p>'s into your non-table text.

Depending on what the lj editor has already done to it, you may need to throw the contents of the raw html editor into notepad or wordpad, and do the following two replaces:

<br /></t with </t

<br /><t with <t

That happened to me too, once, and I used the html editor. It certainly wasn't faulty coding - must have been some sort of bug.

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