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strikethrough 2007 round two?

Okay, checking something.


Okay, this is new.


Quickly reorganizing the links.


This can't end well.

Quoted from the post:

Has there been more Strikethrough nonsense going on or something, and I've somehow missed the wank? Because it is very odd, she's not strkethrough'ed, just... de-LJ'd (ponderosa121), but she's very definitely suspended.

Dude. Are we malfunctioning?

[edit] Oh, evil twin. She was blissfully unaware, and her response to the deleted? "Huh."



Apparently, she's been suspended over a drawing posted on pornish_pixies cited to contain "minors in explicit sexual situations." Probably some Snape/Harry. And since there's no appeal system... well. In a show of evil twin solidarity, I'm most likely jumping ship to GreatestJournal. We're both over there, under the exact same names.

Read the post, including thoughts on creating a new community for fanpeople.


Also read here, Fandomtossed


Aja on the latest suspensions.

We have latest suspensions. Should I be ready for Memorial Day weekend?


1.) Er. So we can no longer see a strikethrough. You know what? That is beyond a bad sign.

2.) I--er, I have nothing.

I am wondering if I need to check my userinfo now every day. Maybe do a print out just in case.


svmadelyn found it.

Lj Releases

Among others:

* Un-linking user tags for deleted/suspended users
* Hiding deleted/suspended journals from profiles (unless you're looking at your own, or looking at the full profile view)

*slow blinking*

What? Why?

(that's really a rhetorical question at this point, isn't it?)

ETA 2:

ponderosa121 just posted to her GJ here on the situation.

People are asking about the situation on news here (looks like it's starting on page six).
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