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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
Life ending bad mood and cramps.

I have this tiny little rubber skeleton from Halloween. I'm overcome with the urge to throw it at anyone who walks by my cubicle. Attached to a plague of some kind. Bubonic, perhaps. *bares teeth*

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Bubonic is a good choice, definitely preferable to pneumonic as you don't want to give it to yourself.

Or there's the vague but clever option of just leaving at 'miasma' so that people can imagine whatever foul disease they fear most.

Ooh. I like how you think.


From empathy arises creativity! I mean, these cramps really have to be good for *something*, right?

Gah. I actually couldn't go into work yesterday the cramps were so bad. Ugh. Went to the acupuncturists instead -- mmmmm.

They're not quite at that level? But man, they are getting there.


Advice I got in addition to acupuncture: BHI homeopathic remedy Spasm Pain; castor oil packs (just castor oil soaked into a piece of folded flannel and held against the abdomen); Aleve (naproxen), especially taken before cramps get bad.

.. *hands you favorite drink of choice?*

*snatches happily and purrs*

*Hands you double fudge cupcake*

Hmm. 1st or 2nd day of said cramping, just out of curiosity? (note, I found a place that sells Godiva near me.)

Ooh, that sounds like fun. I often shoot rubber bands at my co-workers when they walk by, though without the attachable disease.

*gives you a hot fudge sundae*

Ahh, Bubonic, good choice.

*sends love and happy thoughts* *and chocolate*

What I would love to know is how exactly my flist has managed to align itself. I swear to God, everyone on my flist within a week of each other.

*wishes she could actually pass out chocolate*

*pops another Midol*

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